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  1. I hate the abbreviated name being given to Jennifer Lawrence. I hate abbrev’d(gross) names in general, but I always REALLY hate it when I am made aware of a new one; one that all of a sudden everyone’s just signed on to start using. ME HATES IT.

    (ESPECIALLY because phonetic pronunciation goes out the window. Lilo. Is it pronounced Lih-Low, Like Lih-ndsay and Low-han. or is it Lie-Low or Lee-Low and Stitch? WHAT IS IT?
    Now we’ve got ‘J-Law.’ Is it Law, like “I fought the law,” or is it Lauu–rence? IT’s FUCKING DUMB IS WHAT IT IS)

    I’m 32 years old.

  2. I like to think that somewhere, a bitter guy who has barely enough money to make ice is going to turn his life around by thwarting the hubris of a billionaire.

  3. I thought J-Law was Jude Law?

  4. I want to see an “amazeballs” supercut.

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  6. My buddy went to a show at the Comedy Cellar on Friday and claimed that Dave Chapelle came out for an impromptu set and I completely dismissed him as being a liar or just stupid and confused because that place is tiny and Chapelle is a recluse. But I guess it turns out that my friend is not a liar/stupid/confused and I am just a dick.

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