IF YOU HAD TO! Like, say you were in some sort of “The Bet”-type scenario and someone bet you that spending a year recreating something from TV or film in LEGOs was worse than the death penalty. “No it’s not, and I’ll do it to prove you wrong,” you’d say, because first of all it isn’t worse than the death penalty, and second of all they were going to give you a bunch of money at the end of it. Ok? It’s not totally the same as “The Bet,” and it lacks any kind of meaning, but that’s why I said it was “The Bet”-type. A TYPE of thing like “The Bet,” in that it includes a bet. So. Relax! WHAT STRUCTURE WOULD YOU PICK? I ask because Seattle-area LEGO builder Alice Finch won BrickCon (we can imagine what it is) last October for her recreation of the inside and outside of Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts, and she just released photos of the thing, and building it seems like it must have been an absolute nightmare! (Unless you are a LEGO building enthusiast, which she is.) (Then I bet it seems like a dream!) From an interview with her in Brothers Brick:

The Brothers Brick: How long did it take you to build your LEGO Hogwarts?

Alice Finch: I spent 12 months building over an 18-month time span (I was out of the country or working on other projects for the other 6).

TBB: Do you have any idea how many bricks you used?

AF: 400,000 bricks give or take a few. When dealing with this large of a structure, it is very difficult to know how many bricks there are. Some experienced builders have said more, some less, so this is about the middle of the guesses. I do know there are about 10,000 bricks just in the big central staircase to give you a sense of scale. It is built in the shape of an L, where each side is about 13 feet (nearly 4 meters) long.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! “My hands are shaking and I just lost my vision, if that gives you a sense of how much of a nightmare it would be to have to put together so many tiny LEGOs while having to worry about what would happen if something happened to the house and you had to start over.” So. WHICH WOULD YOU PICK, TO ASK AGAIN? This is a very important discussion, I hope we spend a lot of time here today. I would recreate the parents’ house from Buffalo ’66. Or all of space from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or the high school from Clueless. “It just looks like a high school.” “AS IF!” ORRRRRR, what. The weddings from Wedding Crashers? The scene with The Shins from Garden State? Juno’s belly? Remember that you have to take a full year, NO BREAKS! LEMME KNO. (Via Geekologie.)

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  1. Hamsterdam, and then all of Baltimore

  2. The town of Twin Peaks.

  3. Michael Fassbender’s penis.

  4. The Foot Clan’s headquarters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1991).

  5. L O S T Island. The tricky part will be locating it about 7 months in when it disappears.

  6. Hill House from Clue, only I would built it real-person-sized and then I’d live in it.

  7. The closet from Clueless, followed by the Click remote in a transparent attempt to get Kelly to pick this comment for Associate Editor’s choice.

  8. The Land of Ooo!

  9. Bushwood Country Club is a good one

  10. If we’re being serious, the Eyrie from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. It’s my favorite location, not plot-wise, but looks-wise. Also, can you imagine a LEGO Sky Cell with a Peter Dinklage minifig? I can! And it’s beautiful!

    If we’re saying these things just for funsies, then the Holodeck. It’d just be a box FILLED WITH YOUR IMAGINATION.

  11. The Ivory Tower palace from the Neverending Story. Or Tilda Swinton’s villain lair, but that’s an IRL thing so I don’t think it counts.

  12. The Town of Brigadoon, but I guess that would actually take me 36500 years.

    You’re welcome mathletes and theater geeks.

  13. The Max from Saved By The Bell

  14. Nothing. When my brother threw a football straight through the popsicle stick house I painstakingly built in Shop class, I swore I would never build anything again.

  15. Overlook Hotel.

  16. Guys, my friend Jeremiah Boehr is a “Master Model Builder” at Legoland and he is so handsome and dreamy. You should go check out his fb fan page and then fall in love with him but then remember he is mine and not yours.

    But to answer your question: Planet Express.

  17. How many confused Rian Johnson fans end up at the Brothers Brick website every day?

  18. Hogwarts is so typical. I’d pick something more Franz Kafka, a la The Trial. I can’t believe no one has done this already. If you google Kafka+Legos you will not find any lego images. #WTF #FML

  19. I know it’s not a movie, but Anhk-Morpork! There could be little lego stabbings in the Shades!

  20. My parent’s relationship.

  21. Neptune, California

    Accessories to include miniatures of Backup and Logan’s yellow SUV.

  22. This work is amazing and totally not a waste of humanities collective time. I wish i had the dedication to build something this awesome at least in minecraft, but usually within 6 hours i get bored and forget about it for another month.

  23. uptil I saw the check that said $4976, I accept that…my… mom in-law could actually erning money parttime from their laptop.. there uncle has been doing this for under 14 months and resantly cleared the mortgage on there cottage and bourt a top of the range McLaren F1. this is where I went,………

  24. Once of the houses in Albuquerque being sprayed for termites but also meth lab.

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