Well, every part of this story is an absolute DELIGHT! Apparently, Jared Leto “promised” that he would show off his new back tattoo if he got a million followers on Twitter, and then he did, and now he has kept his promise. See what I mean? About this story being a TREAT? First of all, DOPE back tattoo, Jared. I mean, back tattoos in general are already WONDERFUL and A SMART CHOICE TO MAKE IN LIFE, but this one is PARTICULARLY AWESOME. Second of all, it’s great to hear that a million people are following Jared Leto on Twitter. Frankly, I think 100 million should be following him, even though his Twitter page actually appears to be broken at the moment, probably Twitter servers were just FLOODED by people trying to get a glimpse at that DELICIOUS tattoo. All in all, what this story reminds me is that everyone, from Jared Leto to people on Twitter, have their priorities in order, make good decisions, and all-in-all work hard on a daily basis to make this world a great place to live. Thank you all xoxox. (Via Style.MTV.)

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  1. I have a question for Jared Leto, just like we all do. Is the new tattoo pointing to his elbow tattoos? If so, why does he feel the need to point them out? They’re far more obvious than the back tattoo. Jared Leto, please tweet at me.

  2. Twitter i love you,
    love is forever Leto love you

  3. Photo idea: Brady Bunch style family portrait, with Jared in the middle with his back turned to camera. Family members above each shoulder and under each arm, facing camera. Back tattoo arrows pointing at family members’ faces. Loads of smiles.

  4. What did Angela have to say about it?

  5. It’s hard to know how to live in a world full of twitter.

  6. I don’t get the “If I get ‘X’ whatevers I’ll do whatever” things I see all over. If you want to do it, do it! Don’t bring other people in to your questionable decisions! That said, if this comment gets 50 thumbs up, I will get a tattoo of Gabe’s face over my face (no I will not even if that happens because I have autonomy and am able to make my own decisions. I’M GETTING THAT TATTOO REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF THUMBS (no I am not)(I am getting a sleeve tattoo of kittens and knitting though because I am hardcore))

    • LILBOBBYTABLES HAVE YOU SEEN THE MORNING LINKS YET???? I paged you about them but I spelled your name all wrong because that’s what you do with internet friends you’ve had for a few years now.

    • Totally agree. Especially the whole “our dad said if we get 1 million likes we can get a puppy!” and you’re supposed to “like” that because those kids somehow deserve a puppy? Just for being obnoxious? Nope, not buying it! Also, tell “dad” that he’s in for a world of hurt when those girls are 18 and at Senor Frogs in Cancun and they realize that asking for “likes” from random strangers is the validation they’ve been taught to look for. It’s about responsibility, “dad”.

      • Since we’re ranting about internet things we hate, I hate it when people take pictures of themselves holding up signs that say things about themselves and then post it on the internet. You don’t need to take a picture! Just type it out instead of wasting that paper. I especially hate it when it’s a video that’s a series of signs and they keep dropping them to say the whole message and there’s music in the background. It’s video with audio capabilities! Just use the voices God gave you and communicate like normal human beings! I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it does. :( #oldpersonrant

      • Excellent point, truckasaurus. I’ve made damn sure that my daughter knows better than to ask for likes for nothing random strangers. That shit’s free and useless. She gets body shots for showing her boobs. It’s called “parenting.

    • I actually did a google image search for “kittens knitting tattoos” and now am filled with regret.

  7. So… what did he need the albinos for?

  8. Side comment: I detect a wee bit of sarcasm in this post, no?

  9. Of all the symbols you can get as tattoos, the one that is the most powerful is the ancient Nordic symbol that denotes the proper way to divide a check when two couples shared a pizza.

  10. Guess he still has a few sessions left before the Greendale Community College logo is done, but still, cool tattoo. Cool cool cool.

  11. Now he has one million AND ONE Twitter followers. Thanks, Gabe.

  12. Later that day:

  13. um, that looks like the logo for (NSFW) (unless you work in a gay porn factory) manhunt.com.

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  15. It’s both hillarious how ignorant people are, and annoying, how ignorant people are.
    Unless you’re a fan of his, the band and the philosophy, you won’t get it and just end up saying the stupidest shit you can be judgemental about.

    None of you are 0.1% close to what this means. That’s fine, cause this isn’t for everyone. Luckely :D

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