Date Witnessed: February 27, 2013
Time Witnessed: 10:15AM, EST
Location Of Nightmare: Queensland, Australia
Brief Description Of Nightmare: Thousands of bats have invaded school grounds. School continued to be held among the thousands of bats and their droppings until a six-year-old boy was chased, caught, and bitten by one of them. CHASED (CHASED!), CAUGHT, AND BITTEN. Later, a woman says “feeding time,” referring to the bats’ “feeding time,” because she has to take her children inside during “feeding time.” “FEEDING TIME.” Many images of huge bat colony seen.
Description Of Suspect: LIKE, A BILLION BATS.


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  1. What about those sheep? Are they okay? Are they being terrorized by the bats? How fluffy is their wool? Won’t someone think of the sheep????

  2. Too scary, you guys! Want to hear something even scarier?? I was recently in Australia in Queensland and we were walking around at “dusk” and there were these giant birds and I was like, is that a hawk? and then I was like, “No. It’s a fucking bat the size of a giant hawk. Let’s get the fuck out of here.” and we never went back to that area but seriously there were a bunch of them.

    • Right? I was in Sydney a couple of years ago, and I was like “Look at all those birds!… those birds are very furry… but their wings are so leathery… wait… birds don’t have fur… those are bats!” And they were EVERYWHERE!

    • Yeah, I used to live down under and they are all over the sky at dusk. There was this one wooded area where they would all congregate and there would just be hundreds of bats circling around in the sky, like a haunted castle in a cartoon or something. It was pretty cool.

    • I was in Melbourne in the Royal Botanical gardens, having a nice amble around the place, when I found myself pretty deep in some woods and I looked up and….oh my god. They were EVERYWHERE. I was paralyzed with fear, bats in my hair is THE nightmare and yes, they were 50 feet above me but STILL. Terror.

      I read later that their guano (poop) s basically destroying the trees.

  3. Never heard them called flying foxes before. I’ve head the German word is flietermous (spelling?) which means flying mouse. I may be in the minority here but I think bats are adorable.

    • There was a loose baby bat in my parents house once when I was visiting them for dinner, and I had to catch it for them, and when I did I got a close look, and it was adorable. My dad wanted to kill it, and I refused to allow that, and loosed it outside.

      Totally agreed, bats are the cutest. They are absolutely like tiny mice. If you’re a person who hates rodents though I can understand the fear, because if I ever found out there were spiders with wings I would pretty much stab every one of my major organs.

    • Fledermaus. And yes, you are in the minority. I think they’re interesting, but not adorable.

      • I used to go to the bat cage at just stare at them for hours at the zoo. Fascinated. I don’t mind being in the minority on this one. I like djfreshie grew up with bats in my neighborhood and was accustomed to seeing them all the time and so I’m familiar with them. They never bothered me and I love summer nights watching them fly between the trees. Every once in a while we’d find one and aside from their wings which can be kind of odd looking, they’re gorgeous. But I also like mice too and although I’m not crazy about their hairless tails, I find them cute. Rats, on the other hand, yikes!

    • In french they’re called “bald mice” (chauve-souris) which is funny because, yes they look like mice, but they have fur?

    • Die Fledermaus! Remember, he’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

    • Also, I don’t think all bats are called flying foxes. These bats are called flying foxes because they are FREAKING HUGE! My wikipedia skills tell me that they can weigh over two pounds and have wingspans three feet long.

  4. I had a roommate who was getting his PhD is bat-ology (not the real term) and he made me love bats because he loved bats and I was kind of desperately in love with him. Anyway, he was studying communication patterns specifically and so was always listening to clips of bats communicating and he said it wasn’t possible but I’m pretty sure it drew all the bats in the city because I had never seen one in town before and suddenly we were getting 3 or 4 bats in the house every month. Never a dull moment with that guy. God, he was a beautiful man. I saw an interview with him in an article about bats a few months ago and sent it to him, and the very next day there was a bat in my apt. Like residual bat-communication-energy was woken up or something. He might have secretly been a bat, come to think of it.

  5. Not as terrifying, but in college thousands of crows used to descend around my dorm building at night and roost there. It was like The Birds in real life. If you walked under a tree full of them and clapped loudly, they would all freak out and fly up in a huge swarm. Also, there was a large cemetery next to my dorm, so basically it was a horror movie waiting to happen.

    • To make your story even creepier: crows can remember people’s faces, particularly people who they’ve deemed threatening. According to Discovery, “a single crow’s bad experience with a particular human can spread information about this individual throughout entire crow communities.”

      So for your sake, I hope you either never clapped at them, or that you now live in an area bereft of crows!

      • I am so glad I didn’t know this when I was there. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

      • WHAAAAAATTTTT THIS IS HORRIFYING CROW INFORMATION. Does this apply to ravens too, because holy macaroni, ravens freak me out? Have you heard them “speak?” Upsetting. And now to think that they might also be able to remember faces? NOPE, NO THANKS.

  6. Just don’t have school at night.


  7. My opponent wants to blow up the bat cave, but what we need are real solutions, like breeding larger more aggressive bats or giving assault weapons to chimpanzees. Blow up the bat cave? Now who’s out of touch?

    Vote Peter Blundell, Southern Downs Mayor and don’t change horses midstream in the fight against the bat problem!

    (but seriously if anyone remembers what I’m talking about, it would be a great reassurance that I did not imagine that this was a SNL sketch in the late ’90s.)

  8. I saw some bats the other day because I was wearing my headlamp at dusk, and it was super neat. I like bats.

  9. I really like bats, good for them.

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