Life can’t be all work and no play. Actually, it certainly can be all work and no play, but having a life that is all work and no play is absolutely not the ideal. I think we can at least put down our nitpicking for one second, for once in our lives, and agree on that. As John Terrance famously said in his movie The Shine, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I like to believe that’s what Jim Carrey was practicing in his appearance on the red carpet at Elton John’s annual AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party over the weekend in Los Angeles when he chose to wear fake big feet instead of shoes. “Assistant, put those tasteful loafers in the garbage and get me my feet.” “But Mr. Carrey–” “Please, I’d really prefer that you call me Jim,” “Ok, ah- But Jim,” “Yes?” “Jim, don’t you think the big feet will be weird and confusing, especially when they are given no context? Like in an Internet caption contest, for instance. Or even in the blog where the Internet caption contest originally found the image? I mean, I’m sorry if this is out of line–” “It is.” “Ok, and I’m sorry, but I’m not even sure what the context would be if anyone even wanted to provide it? Do the feet have something to do with giving money to AIDS research?” “Are you kidding me? Give me my fucking shoe feet and shut your mouth. I’m trying to have fun.” And Jim Carrey was pretty much right! That person should have just given him the shoe feet! What’s it to him or her anyway! #YOLO #YOCTOAIRN (You only caption this once and it’s right now.)

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. SOMEBODY DON’T STOP YOU! FROM WINNING THIS CAPTION CONTEST! (Photo via VH1.)

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  1. That Emily Stone girl don’t know what she been missing

  2. Good lord, my clumsy ass would trip over those things harder than Jennifer Lawrence.

  3. Well, you know what they say about a guy with big feet.

    (what they say is that he will make uncomfortable amorous vlogs to Emma Stone. That is how that phrase goes. No need to look it up, I googled before I commented.)

  4. Truly, what better place than the AIDS Foundation’s Oscar party than your subtle reveal of the Harry and the Hendersons reboot?

  5. “Hey. Jim. Here’s my number. Let’s do something this weekend.” — Quentin Tarantino.

  6. Somebody Stop Him

  7. Same old magic.

  8. The Eternal Bunion Of The Shoeless Mime

  9. Pictured: Dumb (L) and Dumber (R)

  10. Sideshow Bob!

  11. Elton, this is what happens when you forget to turn off the HD on your Pedi Cam.

  12. It’s nice to see a celebrity whose fame didn’t go to his head.

  13. seems a lot less silly when you realize it was Elton John’s famous annual celebrity soccer match to end AIDS

  14. Never too late to get in on that sweet Hobbit money train!

  15. He’s not-too-subtly auditioning for The Flaming Lips.

  16. “You’re gonna need a bigger Brannock Device.”

  17. “Allllll righty, then! And also lefty.”

  18. This is a scene from his upcoming film “M. Piedlourde va à l’avantage de AIDS”.

  19. the latest in Jim Carrey’s Series of Unfortunate Decisions

  20. Papa re-he-eally needs a new pair of shoes.

  21. “When you give up your dream, you die.”

  22. Something about Hobbits.

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