Obviously these kids are so great, but let’s all give it up for the host, right? “It’s a guy flick. Let’s face it, it’s a guy flick.” OH NO, TOTALLY, I KNOW, RIGHT? “If you didn’t see that, I mean, watching that movie, you didn’t see anything.” HAHAH FOR SURE, MAN! Forget Nicolas Cage, the host of this show is the one who is in his element! I heard it was between him and Pete Holmes to follow Conan, tough break. (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. You get a sense that last guy was like “oh crap, these nerds are going to think I’m just saying that” but he really loves that movie and by now he doesn’t have time to think of a different answer. Just go with it, guy!

  2. Despite all their age they are still in love mad with the Cage.

  3. What a bunch of Cageheads!

  4. Oh man, these kids weren’t even making memories before Nicholas Cage became the internet’s punchline.

  5. Nicholas Cageo

  6. Really? The National Treasure franchise gets a shout out but The Rock is snubbed? For shame highschool nerds.

  7. Have none of these dweebs seen Valley Girl? Cage is really in his element in that one.

  8. I love watching Nicholas Cage being Nicholas Cage. I’m also wearing a plaid shirt at the moment. I think I might be 16-years-old.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that if the Mayans fucked up their math just a little bit and the world ends on December 22, 2013, all that would survive would be late-era Nic Cage movies and inhabitants from Ruplux-R6393 would arrive on our scorched planet and elevate this man as our god.

    Knowing will be our Revelations. Spoiler alert.

  9. Uuh, you guys. I don’t what to brag, but I’m gonna. This is WGBH, my local PBS station and because I’m a nerd I volunteer there all the time and I volunteered at these tapings!!!!! High School Quiz Show weekend is the highlight of my year (besides this summer when I volunteered at Antiques Roadshow, don’t even get me STARTED), and now Videogum is featuring it?? WHAT IS THIS AMAZING WORLD I HAVE STUMBLED INTO? WHERE IS MR. TUMNUS???? JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!

    • So did those boys get a heads-up on the question beforehand or is it spontaneous?!? This is what we need to know!

      • Pretty sure they know ahead of time. Hurts to see how the sausage gets made, don’t it? Or does this make the sausage even more appetizing?

        Anyway, it’s a great show. Support your local teenaged nerds. Someday they could be your friendly local Videogum commenters.

  10. I would expect no less from John Hodgman’s alma mater.

  11. How did none of them think to say: “Well, I’m going to have to go with Wild at Heart because in that film Nicholas Cage is hotter than Georgia asphalt.”

  12. Moonstruck.

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