[Ed. Note: Publishing this will increase our Star Wars coverage in the past 24 hours to 2 posts. Let your boyfriend know that if he wants to check out the site, today would be the day to do it. "Happen often this does not," you can say to him. He'll get it. Thx. Now onto you!] “Before you ask: No, I have not taken one of my boyfriend Alain Bloch’s combat choreography Star Wars lightsaber classes. It’s not how we met, or anything. We met at a cafe — I asked him about his unusual clothing and he explained that he was a Jedi Master on his way from teaching a class in lightsaber training. Having not seen any of the Star Wars films, I was confused but definitely intrigued. He sounded so powerful and so knowledgable! He explained to me that he and his students were working on being mindful and unlocking the secrets of the universe, which, ok I know it sounds a little out there, but it was nice to meet someone so in touch with himself and the world around him! A spiritual guy, for once! Ugh, it was just such a relief — I’ve been dating a lot of jerks lately. Associated Press actually juat did a segment on my boyfriend and his teachings, and I am just so excited to see it. Can we– Are we going to watch the clip now? Great! Ok, let’s do it.” – You

“Wait. So. IT’S JUST A ROOM FULL OF ADULTS PLAYING WITH LIGHT UP TOYS?” – You. [Ed. Note: I do apologize to those are you whose boyfriends are included in this video who we could not focus on today. I'm sure your first date was wonderful and you asked so many questions, and I'm sure Mr. Dark Side has a sweet side that he only shows you. Maybe next time. Force be with you until then.] (Via Metro.)

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    • ps- for my 21 birthday my friend gave me a lightsaber and it was awesome. I put it on the mantel.

      also, the guy in the video seems way more fun than most of the dudes on okcupid. he can totally be my boyfriend.

  1. Do you have any idea how excited those guys are that Kelly thinks they’re somebody’s boyfriends?

  2. This actually might be my least nerdy relationship to date

  3. Unless he can teach me to move ships out of swamps with my mind, I ain’t going.

  4. Kelly, I think this guy is for real. He is totally using his Jedi mind tricks to get Videogum to post more Star Wars content.

  5. The other J-Date.

  6. I like the fact that the AP reporter talked so slowly. Because I did not want to miss a word of this!

  7. Good idea to save the Jar Jar Binks accent lessons for the second date.

  8. These aren’t the dates you’re looking for.

  9. No joke, a girl I dated in high school went on a date to one of these, and was super excited about how much fun it was going to be. She also met the last two guys she’s been in serious relationships with at renaissance fairs.
    I guess what I’m saying is: this is actually my girlfriend.

    • On, Benjamin Cohen. I was about to comment that “for some, a fun first date” is almost definitionally not followed by “at first they kind of giggle ’cause they think it’s kind of silly” – but now you’ve got me questioning everything.

  10. Wait, Kelly, I’m confused. Is he my boyfriend or your boyfriend? I was hoping it was the former, but you said you met him at a cafe and you speak as though YOU are dating him. Why are you stealing my Jedi boyfriend? Now I feel all weird and embarrassed in this Padme getup.

  11. I am no fan of Star Wars, but I actually think this looks fun? I would rather do this than watch the movies.

  12. ::recalls days of Star Wars forum role playing in high school::

    Yeah, no, that probably is my boyfriend, actually.

  13. Anyone else notice the guy at :54 who touches THE LIGHTSABER BEAM and basically just incinerated his own hand? That’s my boyfriend.

  14. Tricking nerds into doing cardio! It’s like when moms sneak puréed veggies into their kids’ food.

  15. I liked Vader best, but I always have been tempted by the dark side.

    I guess you could call me a bad Leia.

  16. /waves hand/

    This is the boyfriend you’re looking for.

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