“She spoke so slowly, yet we couldn’t comprehend anything she said.” “She knew a few facts about what movies came from which studios. I mean, they both did!” “It was fun to see how impressed the ‘smart’ Cahoon was when the ‘dressy’ Cahoon was able to rattle off some of the gifts available at the gift lounge without the use of a teleprompter. And here we thought she was only an expert in love and glamor.” “Honestly, though: What is with her vocal cadence? Like she’s reading a list of words to a traumatized child.” “This was great. Much improved from last year, seriously.” “What is Katherine Chloe Cahoon?” All pre-quotes from when Katherine Chloe Cahoon and dark-hair-glasses Katherine Chloe Cahoon host the 2014 Oscars together. The future’s so bright it graduated in the top 7.34% of its class at Vanderbilt, but who’s calculating! (Thanks for the tip, Christopher.)

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  1. OK Chloe, now I’m impressed.

  2. This video gave me flashbacks to the Olsen twins cough-syrup pizza party. Only slower. And scarier.

  3. I really hope KCC does host the oscars, and that she meets Hugh Jackman, and finally, finally one of them makes the “How to meet you’re-a-peein’ men” joke to the other. As god intended.

  4. This is what would happen if Katherine Chloe Cahoon directed Fight Club. Glasses wearing Cahoon is her Tyler Durden.

  5. eyebrow weaves?

  6. Below is one of my favorite Tina Fey quotes from Back In The Day when she was on Weekend Update. I think it is appropriate here.

    “MSNBC reporter Ashleigh Banfield, now in Pakistan covering events there, has cut her hair short and died it brown in order to go undercover in the male-dominated country. Take it from me, Ashley: If you think having brown hair and wearing glasses will keep men from noticing you.. you are right.”

  7. She sounds like Luke from Modern Family, only 1,000,000 times more annoying.

  8. “No, Chloe….Chloe….CHLOE!! The camera is this way” – everyone working on the set

  9. What happened at the end there? Has Katherine Chloe Cahoon never tasted root beer?

  10. She just loves to lord that fact about her graduation over the the idiots who only graduated in the top 7.35% of their class.

  11. I just watched Damsels in Distress and the whole time the Greta Gerwig character reminded me of someone but I couldn’t place it…it was our ol’ friend KCC!

  12. This video makes sense to me because it makes it clear that even Katherine’s own clone can barely stand to be around her.

  13. The whole time I was watching this it felt like my heart was going to pee

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