An Etsy seller has a wide selection of Star Wars themed jewelry for sale. Do you like that? Personally I’m not that interested in Star Wars anything because I’m a full grown adult. But some people might like this! There is an incredible variety of things in this world that are available for liking, and this is just one of them. After a day like today, I think we could all use something completely uncontroversial to enjoy. Personally, I’ve got a couple of episodes of House of Cards left to watch in addition to a bunch of other TV I’ve fallen behind on. The point is, whether it’s a piece of Star Wars jewelry or a movie on Netflix or a nice ham sandwich, now is the time of the day where we can let the fires of the past few hours burn down to coals and just sit down and relax a little bit. Tomorrow is another day! We can all get upset all over again! What do you like? What do you do to relax? Tell us in the comments! JUST KIDDING, I THINK WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT YOU HAVE COMMENTED ENOUGH FOR A LITTLE WHILE.

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  1. I tried to watch House of Cards the other night to relax, but it started with a dog dying and that was very stressful so I turned it off.

    • I finished it recently and thought it was OK, which I know is the most boring opinion to have of anything but that’s how I feel about it! Not great. Not terrible. Definitely worth it to watch the whole season which I guess you really can’t say about most shows.

      Grade B; 7.5, 2 stars, 1 and a half thumbs, take your pick

      • I agree. I also just watched the first season of The Sopranos for the first time (yeah, pretty late on this one), and it’s really just not an inkling of a contest which show I’m more excited to continue watching.

        • I give The Sopranos five bags of popcorn* and five sodas, and I give House of Cards three bags of popcorn, and I’ll throw in a deck of cards for Kevin Spacey because he’s always an ace in the hole.

          *source: On Cinema at the Cinema with Tim Heidecker (my favorite thing to watch, second only to The Sopranos)

    • You are completely same with my guess. I watch first season, that was too boring for me.

  2. Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Dooku is kind of a Count, right?

  3. DON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO GABE. So, who else feels positively about donuts? I really want a donut. Donuts are great.

  4. If that ring were still on sale I would totally buy it for my wife.

  5. I would definitely wear Star Wars jewelry if it were also nice jewelry, but go fuck a goat if you think I’m gonna pay $45 for some Darth Vader Legos on a hook.

  6. It’s good to see Bossk finally getting the recognition he deserves. This is Bossk:

  7. You say relax, but I’m staying on guard just in case sales of Jar Jar Binks necklaces start to spike…

  8. I don’t know if I would wear Star Wars jewelry but the Tauntaun sleeping bag and R2D2 trash can have been on my wish list for a long while.

  9. I just see garbage like this and think of how much space it will take in a landfill, probably because I’m a humorless cunt.

  10. you’re*. damn damn damn.

  11. I’m holding out for set of Darth Maul BFF necklaces.

  12. i’ve almost thrown up 3x today ;(

  13. I play spider solitaire way too much.

  14. I’ve never seen Star Wars. I started watching it once a few years ago but then I fell asleep.
    So I kept putting it off and stuff then when people found out I hadn’t watched it, they started quizzing me on all the other things I hadn’t seen and got all weird and huffy and now I have a very overwhelming list as long as my arm (I have very long arms) of things I need to catch up on including Twin Peaks (I know, I’m a horrible monster) and Six Feet Under.
    Long story short, I don’t want to make any strong statements about Star Wars jewelry because I’ve never seen it and I don’t know if maybe after I finally see it I might be like ‘I want all the Jabberwocky earrings!’ (is that right?) or if I will think it looks tacky and childish the way I do now.
    #CoolStoryBro etc
    Do I get kicked off Earth for admitting all this?

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