If you jog in the park, maybe you can meet a nice accountant or a basketball player. It is great being a feminist. And don’t forget to Zumba. #AHHHHHHHHH is trending worldwide!

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  1. Excellent foley work with the footsteps!

  2. I am sure the video has words and stuff but I can’t get over the terror face. KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  3. I don’t know who Fred Spencer is, but I’m going to need a forwarding address for these therapy bills.

  4. Do you think that Fred Spencer is really proud of these and posts them on his Facebook wall for his friends and family to see? And they politely comment on them, or subscribe to his YouTube channel, but then, in the dark of night, cover their eyes and shake their heads and worry that tomorrow Fred will post another frightening look into his psychosis?

    ‘Cause fear of that happening is pretty much why I don’t create stuff.

    • I’m scared that Fred Spencer is actually some Brooklyn “Performance Artist” with a really big beard or something and not some weirdo from my nightmares.

      I kind of hope he is just some weirdo from my nightmares!

  5. Remember to always do the (real) Harlem Shake to warm up for a run.

  6. Marbles is just a really good name for a feminist with extremely large breasts.

  7. The original music composed by Fred Spencer is titled “Honour to the Leader.” Do you think the leader is Fred Spencer or something far more sinister?

  8. Interesting casting decision. I would not have gone with Claire Danes as a crackhead jogging through the park, but that is why this guy is doing whatever it is exactly these things are, and I am just a lowly blog commentator making fun of it.

  9. That’s your girlfriend.

  10. Catered by Fred Spencer

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