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  1. I saw the Jack/Jennifer interaction on GMA this morning! It made me go from just being okay with Jennifer Lawrence to adoring her outright.

  2. Lunchtime Links? Have I logged onto a parallel world? Is everything the opposite here? Is Gabe a racist woman who loves Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift? How much does Kelly hate Aaron Paul in this world?

  3. So that Jimmy Kimmel thing has fewer laughs than Zero Dark Thirty.

  4. Celebrities must get a good amount of internet-specific PR coaching. I wonder if celebrities make more gif-able expressions, gestures, etc. than they did a decade ago. I wonder if Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Lawrence, and Benedict Cumberbatch have the same coach. Anne Hathaway should get her number.

  5. Please stop linking to Perez Hilton.

  6. I just got so excited about the new Lunchtime Links that in my head I yelled, “WOO-HOO MARY!” Thanks, Mary!

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