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  1. The chart for Life of Pi is perfect (especially “Fruitopia Commercial”).

  2. But….calling a show a guilty pleasure is exactly calling it a piece of crap….thats the whole “guilty” part of it. What am I missing here? Were people not already aware of this? Are we supposed to feel bad for calling terrible shows terrible now or something?

    • I don’t think guilty pleasures are all necessarily bad. They’re sometimes just things that people feel stupid about liking, because they’re not supposed to for whatever reason. Like some people would call The Vampire Diaries a guilty pleasure because they are embarrassed to like a teenage vampire show, but that’s stupid because it’s actually just a good show. Or maybe a straight guy really likes Sex and the City, but because he’s a straight guy he is obligated to feel stupid about it.

    • And honestly, her shows are crap. I watched Grey’s for a bit and it just got too terrible. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure because it’s a certain type of terrible? Like, tolerable terrible?

  3. I found the Twin Peaks easter egg* in the afternoon links!

    *-This isn’t it, i just love this scene

    • I tried watching Twin Peaks for the first time during the blizzard, because I thought that now I am an adult who can handle scary things, and I had also watched the Twin Peaks Psych episode and I was intrigued by the wacky characters. I turned it off within five minutes when that lady was combing her hair in the mirror because I got too scared and my back was to the front door and it was so quiet and snowy out. I don’t know if I’m ever going to watch it. I do love that llama getting all in Trey Macdougal’s face, though!

      • You have to try again in spring when it is noisy and not snowy!

      • I started watching Twin Peaks when I lived alone in a giant apartment for the summer. There was one night that I ended up staying up til 5am watching because the end of every episode was so terrifying that I would just be like “well, I have to watch another to get that out of my system.” It was in the delerium of 5am that I realized I could stop the episode halfway through and then not see whatever horror lay at the end.

        It really is an awesome show, but not when you are home alone and it is dark out. Also, I am a super wuss and I made it through!

        • Thanks, you’re an inspiration! There are even parts of Ghostbusters 2 I can’t watch, though. I can’t promise anything.

          I wish there was a show about a town full of quirky characters that wasn’t terrifying, and I wish that show was called Gilmore Girls.

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