A group of friends in Australia who have been filming “YouTube pranks” for years (whatever that even means) have been arrested after witnesses believed their latest “abduction prank” was real and called the police. (Guys! How many times do I need to tell you this? Pranks are the worst! Do not listen to Jimmy Kimmel, he is wrong!)

This completes Phase One. Now that people who film “YouTube pranks” (again: what?) have been arrested, a precedent has been established. This sets the stage for Phase Two: arrest everyone who has ever posted anything to the Internet*. Phase Three: arrest everyone who has ever used the Internet. Phase Four: burn the Internet to the ground. Phase Five: sleep the sleep of the just. (Via Abroath.)

*I know this includes me, and I’ll happily serve my time. STOP SNITCHING.
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  1. Phase one isn’t complete until they’ve been convicted by a jury of YouTube commenters.

    “Your honor, we the commenters find this prank to be totally gay and find the defendents homos on all counts.”

  2. C’mon “Officer Jenkins” I know it’s really you Bill, classic prank Bill, very funny, these handcuffs even seem real

  3. Videogum Everywhere mission: Call the cops when we see something terrifying or illegal happening, even if the perpetrators are laughing like it’s some sort of fucking joke to kidnap someone.

  4. “The greatest prank the devil ever pulled was convincing the internet he didn’t exist.” -Cyber Soze

  5. Why are they in their underwear for so many of these “pranks”?

  6. So they call grassy knolls bushlands?

  7. “most of them were just harmless fun …” the news reporter says as the “pranksters” emerge from BOXES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY. This is neither harmless, nor fun.

  8. Why do Australian accents sound so fake?

  9. Not able to verify if these are the “Tension” crew, a group of WA surfer kids who, in the old days before youtube, would video tape random stuff like this around Perth then actually sell VHS copies in surf shops. They were popular enough to have a premier at our now defunct IMAX as well. This city is so mindnumbingly boring that it turned out to be pretty good entertainment for us in uni.

    This happened about ten minutes from where I live.

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