WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! One thing you could never accuse Parks and Recreation of is being a nasty show full of horrible monster people who treat each other like garbage, because it is the exact opposite of that! What a sweet show! Most of my favorite comedic moments in this week’s episodes (by the way, when the wedding episode ended I could not believe there was a whole other episode — that wedding episode felt very long!) came from Andy. Specifically when he said “love you grandma” as the old lady closed her door on him and April. Hahah. Very good. The wedding episode was so sweet and beautiful that the second episode got a bit lost in the sweet and beautiful shuffle for me, but again I loved a bunch of Andy bits, specifically when he told everyone how he felt and it was a list of things people feel when they are depressed. A+. Good show! Bob’s Burgers was very sweet this week, too, and also very funny! It was nice to see tough old Bob not be able to hold things together with Linda gone. MY ONE PEEVE was that the super market was a Trader Joes parody but also they said that it was a very cheap grocery store? UH-NUHUH. NOT A PARTICULARLY CHEAP GROCERY STORE AT ALL! Otherwise it was perfect. Very happy whenever Tina is happy. Very happy whenever they sing. I enjoyed Girls a lot this week. Adam and Whats-his-face were a good pair. I loved that Marnie thought she was co-hosting the party with that guy. When he exploded at her at the end, saying that she didn’t want to be with him because she actually liked him and neither did anyone else, it felt very similar to when Thomas John exploded at Jessa two episodes ago or whenever. Like, you first assume that they want you to be on the side of the Girl but then the guy says the thing you’ve been thinking and it’s like, wait a sec, he’s saying the right thing! U KNO? You saw it, you know. That was great, though. Stupid Marnie, you big dumb dumb. #ebook. Community was fine! Enjoyable. What’s going on with Annie and Jeff? Nothing, I hope? Sexual tension filler until the end of the series? I guess! I liked the joke about Pierce screwing up the American version of Inspector Spacetime. Ahhh, what else. New Girl was fine but not great. Kind of like they tried to do a bottle episode without the bottle? “If you’re going to do a bottle episode, do a damn bottle episode!” -Kelly. LUVING the Nick&Jess stuff though. N+J=4ever. Kroll Show was also very good. The intro always makes me feel like I’m going to violently hate it, but then I love it! Kroll Show. WHAT DID YOU THINK NOW?

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  1. The fact that a waffle iron was used in the creation of their wedding rings was outstanding.

  2. Anytime Marnie gets properly ripped a new one is a good time. Girls was good this week.

  3. My favorite part of the Parks and Rec wedding was probably when Ron punched that guy and April was like “Best wedding ever!” If I ever get married, I definitely want one of my enemies to get punched in the face at the ceremony.

    I thought it was kind of weird that they advertised it as an hour long wedding episode though, since it was just the wedding episode and then another episode. But whatevs, they were both good! Except for the Ann wanting Chris to impregnate her thing which is awful!

    Community had its moments, but I am really sick of the Jeff/Annie stuff. If they’re going to have them get together, they should just do it already. We’ve been dealing with the really half-hearted will they/won’t they for two entire seasons! Shit or get off the pot, guys!

  4. Argh, I didn’t watch P&R last night because I was on the phone, and it’s something I’ll probably regret for the rest of my liiife! And I missed Bob’s Burgers because I was watching The Amazing Race. That I do not regret.

    But I loved all the gross parking spots the New Girl gang had used, like how Nick covered his with a box. And when Jess took pictures of all the cats on hers? Yes yes yes. Loved it all. Laughed so much.

  5. Archer was great no duh.

  6. The wedding was perfect. “I love you and I like you” gets me every time! The second episode was really great too, especially because of Perd Hapley. “You didn’t ask me, but if you did, the answer would have been…doggy.” I lost it when Jerry waved off the waitress offering dessert. Andy was great in both episodes. I especially loved his explanation of “horse grenades.” I am so glad Jamm got what was coming to him. On the plus side, he has five bathrooms.

  7. Fellow Drag Racers: OMG I was so glad with this week’s elimination. Both contestants were so lackluster that I had no idea how you could choose between them because they both made me fall asleep in rage. I don’t have a favorite yet although I feel very positive about Ivy Winters. I also hope that coco montrese and alyssa edwards are still besties but are playing up drama for the television, as that would be pretty sneaky and also I hate fighting. CAN’T EVERYONE BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER? When will Ru Paul’s Friendship Race premiere? We can have supercuts of people saying that they ARE there to make friends! It would be magical.

    • I don’t have a favorite yet either, but I was impressed when Ivy showed up on stilts. I also love the way RuPaul says her name. I am sick of the Alyssa/Coco drama. I really did like when they showed Alyssa making crazy faces in the mirror. Last season, Latrice was my favorite from the moment she started singing “Jesus is a Biscuit.” But I loved Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels too. The queens this season don’t seem to stand out as much as last season, but we’re only a few episodes in. Next week is the snatch game, which is either great or a mess!

      • I think there needs to be fewer contestants before I can pick a favorite. I usually know who I haaaate first. But OMG Latrice, Latrice forever.

        Also, SNATCH GAME! I am excited. Too excited.

    • I’m definitely leaning towards Alaska (most because I would love to be BFFs with Alaska and Sharon Needles; we’d sit around be gothy, glamorous together). However I think Alyssa is my favorite, because of the faces she makes in the mirror.

      Side note: RuPaul and opera glasses? The best thing ever.

    • So, first. I’ve upvoted everyone in this thread. Secondly, soooooo happy to see Vivian and Honey go home. To say that in San Francisco people don’t care how you look when you’re in drag? I don’t think so. I don’t really have a favorite yet, either, but I think Alyssa (who I’m still lukewarm on) may make it to the top three. I love Alaska, but I don’t see her going all the way.

      Lastly, I hate that I have my back to everyone in the office, so they can all see if I’m working or not. No fast peeks at Videogum fridays for me.

  8. Is it just me, or is Community really tepid so far?

    • Nah, it’s not you and the most recent episode was very tepid

      it’s like if a friend of yours died but somebody cut off his/her face and is running around pretending to be him/her but it’s still slightly off and depressing

    • I found the first half of the episode really tepid. That’s a good word for it. I was getting antsy about it and almost turned it off, but then, for some reason, it kind of clicked around 15 minutes in and I was laughing at jokes. So, fingers crossed, it’s smooth sailing from here on out. I still don’t get Britta and Troy, but whatever.

    • too many storey lines this week. they all had interesting premises, but were so very superficial.

    • I’m actually loving this season more than the previous three. I think the jokes are funnier and there is less wink-wink “oh aren’t we cute” stuff going on.

  9. The present Chris gave to Ben was the sweetest thing ever, he’s almost as good as Leslie.

  10. I haven’t seen an episode of Girls yet, but I remember there being discussion last week about a “cocaine episode”…I bring this up because uhhh, Workaholics this week anyone?!?

  11. “I think the show’s philosophy poses some interesting questions…” Was Tricia Helfer trolling the Battlestar Galactica fanbase? Such a Minerva!

    Also, This Is Working was the best Bob’s Burgers song yet “Grind, grind, grind, grind….”

  12. damn kelly where do you shop? TJs is as cheap as ralphs where i’m from, which is pretty cheap to me

  13. Parks and Rec, I feel, doesn’t even need to be addressed because that’s how good it was.

    New Girl was great. Just great. “The laws of parking require a vehicle.”

    I feel like I should just skip this week’s episode of Girls because it seems as though it alternates between terrible and good. Adam’s and Ray’s Staten Island adventure was great! I want to talk about that more. “She’s like a carnival game where you try to get the ring on the thing, but the game is fucking rigged. And then you win the damn thing, and you don’t even know why you wanted the prize in the first place.” I hate how much I understood that speech. (More so the saying it aloud to someone in the hopes that you believe it.)

    Community, man, fuck that Annie storyline, and a waste of Tricia Helfer, but besides that, eh, I kinda laughed?

  14. Did anyone else LOL uproariously when Andy gave April the look like “No, don’t worry, we’ll totally fish the drugs out of the trash after everyone leaves.”?

  15. Girls was good this week, but I almost always like Girls. On a side note, though, I went to high school with the girl who played Soojin, and seeing her scene made me think how much it must suck to be an actress (or actor). I mean she’s been at it for almost ten years, and guest spot on Girls is GREAT but like – she works that hard forever and then she does a two-minute scene on a show where all the actresses are in their early twenties and like related to Brian Williams and David Mamet? I’m sure her being Asian doesn’t help either.

  16. I dunno I find that I always spend less/get more at Trader Joes than any other grocery store…the caveat though is that this is when I am buying a lot of premade frozen meals.

    • Maybe it’s cause Kelly is in New York? Trader Joe’s has pretty awesome prices, especially on organic stuff. Also, an insider thing: most of their organic stuff is the same stuff you get at whole foods just with different packaging and cheaper. I love Trader Joe’s so much. There is only one grocery store I would give up Trader Joe’s to have and that is Wegman’s.

      • I am also in New York and the stuff I get is always super cheap! (Peanut butter, Tofurkey sausages, tofu, wine, beer.) (That’s my shopping list every week.)

  17. I SOBBED through out parks and rec. I don’t know what I am becoming.

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