Finally! Finally, finally, finally. It’s like, you hear about these famous movie stars all the time and you’re always wondering, “When am I gonna get to see these guys win an award for something?” And then you wonder a little more specifically, “Who are they going to be wearing?” And the answer is RIGHT NOW! (PLUS, LIKE, A MILLION OTHER TIMES!) AND ALSO, I’M NOT SURE! SOMETHING FANCY, I BET! HOORAY! Our host tonight is Seth MacFarlane, which doesn’t sound great, but remember when he was totally decent on Saturday Night Live? So. Maybe it won’t be awful! Here’s hoping! There’s not a lot of hope, but here’s hoping! How soon in the night do you have him doing Stewie voice in your office Stewie Voice Pool? I have 14 seconds into his opening speech. Good luck in that and in your Official Videogum Oscar Pool! Hang out with us here in the comments tonight, and also hang out with us on Twitter! GOOD LUCK 2 OUR FAVES!

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  1. I have chicken bacon ranch pizza! what pizza is everyone eating???

  2. Punkcakes and milk

  3. These ABC red carpet people are werid

  4. To all the Hollywood people at the Oscars tonight grade 3 softball rules apply, It doesn’t matter if you win as long as you had fun making those movies.

  5. kiss me on the mouth Clooney!!!

  6. Has anyone done an academic study on why Anne Hathaway is so grating?

  7. Since I can’t watch the ceremony at work, can we instead start a discussion about how NASCAR is trying to diversify, so they brought 50 Cent to the Daytona 500 to add a little color to the place? Because first of all, that is hilarious, and also, that is basically the live-action version of having a picture of your black friend in your wallet, except your black friend is being paid to be in your wallet so you don’t look like a racist asshole.

  8. I wish Revenge was going to be on instead of this garbage.

  9. I think I got this

  10. Kristen Stewart. I just can’t with you. So bored and pissed. I’m sure we all feel sorry for you for having to get dressed up and have your picture taken at the Oscars. Poor, poor thing.

    • she makes me think of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum

    • It’s just so hard, you guys. To wear fancy dresses for free.

      • The red carpet actually sucks, especially for giant events. It’s either manic or dead or a weird mix where you’re standing around, waiting to talk to people — on either end. If you’re famous, you’re photographed 300xs a minute so you have to smile for at least 2 hours before you get to get inside. If you’re not, you’re being yelled at to get one person over another and have to tell someone you personally like that you need to get a soundbite from the person 1 or 2 away.

        Whenever I covered these things, my feet were bleeding and super damaged by the end. Not like casual bleeding either, gross can’t walk for a week amounts of pain. And I was using comfortable short heels. Plus, even if it’s overcast and you keep putting on 65 SPF, you get an awful sunburn.

        Girl has probably been up since 5 a.m. just to get fittings done and hair and nails and last minute dress nonsense. Plus if she went out for the Independent Film Awards, she’s doing this on 3 hours of sleep. And she knows she’s a punchline because of Twilight.

        In summary, I don’t blame her. It’s not fun at all.

    • So I saw Warm Bodies last weekend and the girl in it looked exactly like KStew! Except this girl could kind of act! Except the movie wasn’t very good.

  11. That’ll be all Kristen Chenowith, that’ll be all

  12. OMG!!! It’s almost time guys! Are you excitied??

  13. I am REALLY excited for Red Widow

  14. Seth looks nice

  15. “How excited are you to be here tonight?” may even be a better question than “where you you get your ideas?”

  16. That was the first unfunny Robin Williams reference of the night

  17. Waiting for Seth MacFarlane to ask “is anybody from out of town?”

  18. Why CAN’T Tina and Amy host everything?

  19. I can’t watch tonight but I am going to read your comments and pretend.


  21. There was just a lot of laughter but none of it was coming from the front

  22. Seth has already exceeded the number of songs I’ve allowed him for the evening.

  23. Charlize Theron is so pretty! I love her dress.

  24. Oy so much singing!!!! What is this, an SNL monologue??

  25. I wish joseph gordan levitt wore his bruce willis face.

  26. Is this still the opening shtick?

  27. Sally field is actually pretty funny

  28. I think maybe if Seth Macfarlane wasn’t famous and i didn’t know who he was and i had never heard him open his mouth i would maybe find him attractive…

  29. Ok, which of you jackampoes told Seth McFarlane he was a good singer??? You are only encouraging this behaviour!

  30. and the wine is opened and drank straight from the bottle

  31. I’m going on record. I love Christoph Waltz. He always seems so excited and genuinely happy.

  32. Shit, already 0 for 1

  33. Whelp, I’m out of running for the pool.


  35. Man, this is worse than that time they got Seth McFarlane to host the Oscars!


  37. Did someone just lean on the piano?

  38. the ET music always makes me cry

  39. I’ll give the sock puppets a pass.

  40. did Travolta get new hair plugs?

  41. I wish Paul Rudd was appearing as Bobby Newport.

  42. Oh dear. I feel that that will be my reaction to all the bits tonight. Oh dear.

  43. Rudd and McCarthy, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?????

  44. Welp, that’s enough Oscars. Walking Dead is on.

  45. Brenda Chapman is dressed like Mary Todd LIncoln!!!

  46. You know, I’ve never been as confused by an Oscar’s ceremony as I am right now…

  47. wait are they playing the wrong video

  48. I was going to praise their efficiency for having 3 movies in one montage, but then I realized that they shouldn’t be nominating 17 movies in the first place.

  49. bahah

    Wrong clip #oscars— Tom Colicchio (@tomcolicchio) February 25, 2013

  50. That little girl is sooooo cute.

  51. Whoeee. This is uncomfortable.

  52. No Hiddleston? Then who cares?

  53. Just to make sure that none of us lose sight of what is really important, I’d like to point out that Seth McFarlane, the man hosting the Oscars, once made an episode of Family Guy in which Quagmire rapes Marge Simpson, who then invites him back to her house for further sexual activities. When Homer walks in on them, Quagmire then proceeds to shoot ever member of the Simpson family, including Maggie, the baby. That is the man on your television screens, ladies and gentlemen.

  54. The Oscar goes to Lucius Malfoy.

  55. I am going to walk down to my local sports bar to see if they are showing the Oscars. I doubt videogum mobile is going to let me post (my phone is from 2010 and for fancy stuff like that it might as well be a phone-shaped rock or bar of soap) …but if it does, O what fun!

  56. Claudio looks like a super hero villain with those locks

  57. Good hair!

  58. Nice to see Claudio Miranda bounced back after Shelley Long dumped him in The Money Pit.

  59. OMG beautiful hair

  60. So far this is both the worst and most entertaining Oscars telecast I’ve ever watched.

  61. mark ruffalos face is perfect

  62. So, as it is an awards show free for all, what do you guys think the odds are of our mysterious Mr. Cumberbatch making an appearance?

  63. playing people off with the Jaws music is REALLY GOOD

  64. Man, Jaws is a dick.

  65. I need another grasshopper.


  67. Ouch. Completely cut off by Jaws music. This is so awkward. I don’t know if I can make it much longer!

  68. At least the Knicks are winning!

  69. Jennifer Aniston looks good

  70. Quick game. Worst play-off music (Jaws excluded).

  71. That’s the classiest version of any Foreigner song ever.

  72. Also all these jokes about Clooney, do they not know about his revenge pranks??!

  73. Everyone stop making jokes and just give out awards!!!! (Not us. The celebs. Our jokes are juuust fine.)

  74. channing tatum’s ears look really far back on his head?

  75. OMG. Is that lady wearing pink leggings? Leggings are not pants!

  76. “All they did was give some bad haircuts. My kids could have done that.” –Jackson Pollock

  77. She’s winning an award for hair styling? — Mrs. Lloyd Wrong

  78. Seth keeps doing this like side look any time he says something barley offensive and its really bugging me

  79. I really hope the next three minutes are JUST the Madonna Bond music video.

  80. So what did i miss?

  81. It would be funny if the Jaws music started playing over the Bond music.

  82. Max Power! The man who’s name you love to touch….

  83. Are they going to bring out Sheena Easton and Carly Simon too? That would be cool. Shirley sounds great.

  84. What was Goldfinger’s hit song again?

  85. For British Eyes Only

  86. when they just showed the ceiling I was hoping all the James Bonds would repell down. :(

  87. I’d have rather seen Duran Duran perform A View to a Kill.

  88. Shirley Bassey looked amazing and sounded great! She is 76!

  89. Honestl, through, if they’re paying tribute to the character, Nobody Does it Better should have been the song they chose.

  90. No love for Johnny Cash’s proposed song for the credits for Thunderball?

  91. Alert nerd, but the symmetry and typeface selection in those nominee graphics is really working for me.

  92. I was all ready to raise the roof for Leo D. :(

  93. Did Seth just go an entire 60 seconds without telling a joke?

  94. The box seat thing is kinda weird.

  95. I’m surprised the director of Curfew is out this late.

    Good night everybody.

  96. Curfew was not good.

  97. this guy comes off as a murderer pervert… maybe its the beiber haircut

  98. Awww. Soapbox time. Support local arts! Especially programs for kids!

  99. Macfarlene has a great coach’s clap

  100. Zeppelin! Bitchin!

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