• The Nic Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard -Uproxx
  • How Keyboard Cat Got Famous -VICE
  • An R2-D2 Hip Flask -TheAwesomer
  • Rom.coms: A List -McSweeney’s
  • Behold! The Twin Peaks Climbing Wall Exists -VegasEater
  • The Favorite Films Of Every Modern President -TheWeek
  • Fred Armisen and friends cover “Waterfalls” by TLC -PASTE
  • This week on Ask Amy, Amy Poehler talks about crushes. -SmartGirls
  • The Vegan Black Metal Chef returns with Vegan Lasagna -TheWorldsBestEver
  • These are just a bunch of pictures of Bethenny Frankel and some koalas. -BuzzFeedShift
  • VH1 has renewed T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle for a third season! Breathe easy, everyone. -Deadline
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  1. Sadly, I don’t think that Twin Peaks has anything to do with the show. Unless you were trying to get us to buy pitchers of Miller Lite from scantily dressed women, in which case SUCCESS.

  2. Oh man, I just really want to be friends with Amy Poehler.

  3. Brad O’Farrell (keyboard cat guy) is a sort of friend of mine. I know him through twitter…does that count? I saw him a month or two ago and he stopped and said hey I know you from twitter. We chatted for a bit. He’s super nice. That’s all.

  4. Holy crap this was the best array of morning links ever (wrong Twin Peaks though :( ) GIVE ME MY HEART BACK MARY MILLER I NEED THAT LATER.

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