It’s just like that old expression: dance like nobody’s watching, dress like everyone’s blind, get an Emo Phillips haircut, upload the whole thing to YouTube. You know that old expression? Very inspirational. (Via JakeFogelnest.)

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  1. Good to see Ariel Pink toning it down lately.

  2. “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me” – this guy, I suspect.

  3. You forgot “give the viewers a shot of your hairy ass at the beginning” in that classic old expression.

  4. stephen king’s character from creepshow seems to have recovered nicely from that alien spore infestation.

  5. I’m just glad that underbutt is making it into men’s wardrobes now, too. Equality is possible, people! Underbutt for all or underbutt for none!

  6. As a synth player, I can really appreciate his visual interpretation of the synth solo at the end. It was actually perfect in every way.

  7. It’s funny how different words and phrases have different meanings for different people

    For instance, the term “Not Safe For Work” has come to simply mean “tits present”. Where as for me, this is much more “Not Safe For Work” than tits every will be.

    Of course I work in a tits factory, so that might be part of it.

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  9. How do I stay so fit? I measure all my food on this handy kitchen scale. Yeah, I might look like the kind of guy who just kills people and eats them in some mad blood orgy, but I am very serious about portion control.

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