Due to a new Billboard algorithm that includes YouTube views (?!?!) the #1 song in America this week is the “Harlem Shake” meme. BOMBE ECLATE! No, literally, someone please blow everything up.

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  1. This news made me shake violently. But only for about 15 seconds. And even then only after i just sat there staring at my screen blankly for the first 15 seconds.

  2. It’s the number 1 song in the country we deserve.

  3. I think that for videogum everywhere, we should just pick a song and try to get that as no. 1 though whatever social media clout* we have. I nominate Klaus Nomi’s Simple Man, but am open to suggestion

    *haha, I typed that with a straight face.

  4. I still have no idea what the hell this thing is, and I look forward to continued wallowing in my own ignorance of this meme.

    • Ditto. I’m late on the uptake but figure I’m about half-way through the “Harlem Shake” meme, so I’m just going to ride this out until the next one comes along. I’ll learn about the next one.

  5. I don’t care what the charts say, “Charlie Bit My Finger” is still my favorite song.

  6. It’s a really good song though and if we were assigning points to things it would get 8 points out of a maximum of 10 but then it would have half a point deducted every time someone makes a new Harlem Shake video which gives it a zero because we don’t do negative numbers on this internet grading system I just made up.

  7. I don’t thrust this Billboard algorithm.

  8. Isn’t there something in the book of Revelations about the day when a 30 second Youtube meme becomes the #1 hit song?

  9. i would in no way object if the symphony of science videos received mass airplay. but i guess TECHNICALLY those are definitely not memes (unless you count the video remix of speech as a whole a meme, which, probably), just music videos with relatively high youtube views

    reference (my two favs):

  10. This actually makes some sense, since the tune is, like, a real published record, and every time you are watching the meme you are playing the song (albeit only 30 seconds of it.) So to the robots this is the same thing as five million preteens watching a Bieber vid.

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