“Oh, I’ve thought about this a number of times,” you say, pausing while scrolling through your Google Reader. “I’d cast Anne Hathaway as Glinda (the “good” witch) and Anne Hathaway as Elphaba (the “bad” witch). The thing about the Broadway musical is that there is no way for Anne Hathaway to play both parts, which is the possibly the #1 fault of the Broadway musical (as an art form), but doing a movie would make it possible. That is my answer.” Bad answer! But you might have a while to think about it, based on this interview with Universal chairman Adam Fogelson. From The Hollywood Reporter, via Vulture:

Wicked has been an enormous win for this company [Universal is majority owner of the Broadway musical]. The way it works, we should be in agreement together on when the right time to do this is. But I will tell you I believe that we are collectively moving toward Wicked coming to the screen sooner rather than later.

I believe that we are collectively moving toward a situation wherein the possibility of a Wicked movie might be enormously worthwhile, fantastic synchronicity, paid parking, and also dine-in Tuesdays. But for whenever it does happen: WHO MAKES UP YOUR DREAM WICKED CAST, FOR THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS SPECIFICALLY? (I assume you are all familiar with Wicked, yes?) (There is a good witch and a bad witch?) (When I saw it on Broadway Chevy Chase was seated in front of me and I touched his jacket?) (Right.) My dream duo would be Vincent Gallo (Glinda) and St. Vincent (Elphaba) or maybe Bjork and Elizabeth Olsen. Or Emma Stone and Helena Bonham Carter. How about you, though?

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  1. Glinda: Busy Phillips
    Ephelba: Courteney Cox

    Ephelba can’t drink water for obvious reasons, but red wine is perfectly fine. Oz is located in the Everglades somewhere.

  2. Mine would be Robin Williams as Glinda and Euphegenia Doubtfire as Elphaba, because their names are similarly outrageous.

  3. Ugh, Wicked. My younger sister really really kind of excessively loved the musical when she was in middle school, and would constantly sing all the songs from the soundtrack, which she constantly blasted in her room. I saw it with my family once. It wasn’t THAT great. I’m just glad I live on my own now and won’t have to experience living with Wicked: The Musical again.

  4. Tilda Swinton and the dog from Beginners. If there are more than two roles, I think James McAvoy and Michelle Williams are decent at the whole actoring thing.

  5. #Birdie4Toto

  6. Idris Elba and Bennedict Cumberbatch can be in the background playing bridge with Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johannsen. John Hawkes is napping on a sofa. Am I missing anything? Oh! Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are in a balcony like Statler and Waldorf, but are too lovely to be overly insulting unless things are really bad.

    • I would like to see how bad things have to get before Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan just start shitting all over it. I feel like that would have to be hilarious levels of bad.

      • I hope it would be birdemic levels of bad. Transcendental bad. The type of bad that gives man hope because even in such abject failure, there is art. CGI exploding bird art.

    • How about Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen just team up and rip on every movie MST3K style. I would watch the hell out of that!

      • I get very depressed when people come up with the best ideas possible for bringing joy to the world of me and mind, yet it is impossible and will never happen.

  7. Also, why do production companies want to put out very similar movies or TV shows all around the same time!? We definitely needed Once Upon A Time, Snow White and The Huntsman, and Mirror Mirror to’ve all come out last school year.

  8. Glinda: RuPaul
    Ephelba: Madonna (half way there already)

  9. Glinda: Diana Ross
    Elphaba: Hologram Michael Jackson

  10. Okay, so in high school my friends and I talked about this A LOT. And our conclusion was basically, Original Broadway Cast or Bust! I haven’t really given it much thought since then, but I’m sure Lea Michele is sharpening her collar bones to shank the competition as we speak.

    OR, here’s a free idea, Universal Media Big Wigs: tie it in with Smash. Have the whole season be Megan Hilty and Kat McPhee battling it out to get cast in the movie. Megan Hilty was already Galinda on Broadway and McPhee is known for singing “Over the Rainbow” (???) so, you know, SYNERGY. GIVE ME A MILLION DOLLARS.

    • Oooohhh yeah. Lea Michele is just sitting around waiting to pounce. Don’t think she has the right sass for Elphie. She’d be a better Glinda, honestly.

  11. Eugene Mirman and H. Jon Benjamin.

  12. Are Idina and Kristen completely off the table? Because they are perfect and they’re all I want.

  13. If Anne Hathaway isn’t up the challenge of playing every single character in the movie (what a coward) then I GUESS the original Broadway cast is your only real choice.*

    * In seriousness, if they are worried the Broadway cast are no longer the right ages for a movie version, just make it a beautiful 2D animated movie they can voice, like that woman on the internet envisioned. I drank the kool-aid of her vision and I want that. http://theateradvisorblog.com/if-wicked-the-musical-were-an-animated-film/

  14. I’ll be the one take this seriously like an idiot:

    KC and Idina are too old to play these roles anymore, so weep, theatre nerds.

    Megan Hilty now has enough name recognition to be qualify for consideration, and she has the added qualification of having actually performed the role on Broadway (first replacement after KC.) She’d crush it. Glinda isn’t really that hard a role to cast, though. Pretty soprano comedienne who can play manic and type-a.

    Far as Elphaba goes, the vocal demands of the role pretty much eliminate 90 percent of the “singing movie star” field, including Amy Adams, Scarlett Johanson etc. Anne Hathaway might actually be able to eke it out, and might be the only person standing between the role and Lea Michele.

    I could also see certain stunt casting gambits paying off. Most notably a Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson hookup.

    Dispensing with the celebrity requirement, I’d go with recent B’way Elpheba Teal Wicks, who probably has the most “movie star” good looks of anyone to play the role.

    If I really had my druthers, though, I’d give Wicked the 2-D Disney animation treatment. A live action version would be almost sure to fail- this property was meant to be animated.

  15. Oh my gosh, Vincent Gallo and St. Vincent are my dream cast for Videogum: The Movie!

  16. I don’t care who’s in it if Herzog directs.

  17. Galinda: Mindy Kaling

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  19. Idina Menzel as Elphaba
    Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda
    Joel Grey as The Wizard
    Aaron Tveit as Fiyero
    Samantha Barks as Nessarose

  20. Just came back from this show:
    I would have to say: Mila Kunis and Danny Devito

  21. Idina Menzel, should definitely play Elphaba!

  22. I would NOT want to see Menzel and Chenoweth do this. Menzel im sorry but in my personal opinion was one of the worst Elphabas. I know my opinion isn’t popular but that’s where I stand. Chenoweth defiantly fit the role and did it well on stage. however, shes getting a bit up there in age to do this for film. WHat I would like to see would be for elphaba, glinda, fiyero, nessa, and boq to have two sets of actors. the first set preferably being unknowns to do the school portion of the story. Then the either superstars and or stage actors doing the group grown.

    I Have a few stars and or stage actors id like to be considered

    Meryl Streep, or Glen Close for Madame Morrible (though with the current trend Helena carter would likely get it)
    Megan Hitly for Glinda
    Willemijn Verkaik, or Eden Espinosa for ELphaba (Though sadly will likely go to Hathaway)

  23. Aaron Tveit as Fiyero, Samantha Barks as Elphaba, and Amanda Seyfried as Galinda.

  24. I’d say Lea Michele as young Elphaba, and Idina Menzel as full grown Elphaba

    Christina Bianco as young Galinda, and Kristin Chenoweth as full grown Glinda

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