My first reaction to this overly sentimental promo for NBC’s returning fall shows (they showed it to advertisers at the Upfronts yesterday) was “Goddammit, why do these things always make me cry when I don’t even watch half of these shows and one of them is, like, Days Of Our Lives?” But then it got to the 3:20 mark in the countdown (about 1:55 into the video), and I had to LOL at the “creative” way they tried to position a recent scene from 30 Rock. (I suggest watching until then, but no further, because the rest is just, like, “There’s already another f**king Olympics soon?”)

An African American father and son watching Obama’s historic inauguration is totally the same level of uplifting, inspiring TV as Tracy Jordan handing Liz Lemon “the race card.” Totally, NBC. (UNLESS this was supposed to elicit laughs from the Upfront audience yesterday, in which case, good job.)

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  1. “great shows” as they show Peter Petrelli from Heroes. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Hannah  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +4

    Wait, does this mean Wiig is moving to Weekend Update? Did this already happen?
    (Oh, and nice use of Barack Obama, NBC. You pinko commies.)

    • Even though more SNL is always a good thing, and Seth Meyers does need a co-anchor on Weekend Update, I don’t think I can stand more Kirsten Wiig. She is pretty much in every single sketch already by now.

  3. First of all, Good morning good morning in the news this morning good morning everyone good morning, I thought they were about to show that clip.

    BUT, So much Conan and the complete absence of Leno’s new prime time spot….

    Are they coming to their senses?

  4. sarah palin  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +1

    This made me cry too, but only because I know that they’re not being ironic with this shit, all slow fades and soft lighting and sad piano music and Emerson quotes about a fucking television station. They’re not being ironic at all.

  5. erin  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +1

    yeah wait, so is weekend update thursday going to be permanent? is it going to continue to be both thursday and saturday night? is kristen wiig going to only do thursdays or is she going to start saturdays too? i think these are the real issues at hand.

  6. Really NBC, another season of Heroes, really?

  7. I loved (hated) the use of the emotional music during the Celebrity Apprentice mention. So uplifting.

  8. Joel  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +1

    5 mins? Really, NBC? I can sum up that trailer much easier: “NBC. Showing all of the same shows as we’re showing now. Yep, even the bad ones. A breakthrough of cross-market synergy platforming.”

  9. Are the other Law and Orders still on? Or have they given up on them?

  10. An unparalleled marketing platform. An unparalleled marketing platform.


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