Luckily when Daniel is older and he and his friends are trading stories about their bar mitzvahs “I made a ‘save the date’ rap video” is probably going to be fairly commonplace. “Mine had Ne-Yo and the mayor in it.” (Liar, though. Only A PICTURE of Ne-Yo.) “Oh, that’s pretty cool, actually. Mine had me and my dog and I called him ‘my dog’ like how rappers say it, except it was my actual dog, Maxy.” “Some of my older sister’s friends were in mine!” Congratulations, Daniel. You’re already a man, as far as creating a brief web presence is concerned. #youngmoney #fromyourparents #somuchmoney (Via DailyDot.)

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  1. I had to read that like 4 times before I stopped reading it as “save the date rape”

  2. “That’s a tyrannosaurus…


    Mini Jean Ralphio?

  3. As I read the title, it all seemed like it was fairly harmless. “Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah,” ok, moving on, this is fine. “Save the Date” well that is just a reasonable thing to do. “Rap Video,” ah, fuck, you lost me Daniel. You were so close!

  4. A$AP Rocky look out!!!

    Also, Is it just me or is the Rabbi kind of cute?

    • Shalom to that! Although he kind of just looks like a skinnier Mario Cantone?

      Also love how the Mayor of Atlanta has nothing better to do than appear in little boys’ rap videos. Okay.

      • Something tells me he’s going to get as much from those 10 seconds of his life as he would from an entire 3 hour fundraising dinner.

  5. I produce hip hop beats in my spare time, and have been doing so for a few years now. I have a decently strong rhythmic sense, as well as a more than adequate knowledge of what goes in to rapping skillfully. And I would still never be caught dead rapping. That should say something about just how horribly misguided these people are who make terrible fake rap videos.

  6. Like my mother always told me, if you don’t have any jokes to make that aren’t racist, don’t make any jokes at all.

  7. Oy, indeed. Sorry to hear about his spleen. Though I gotta admit, the Challah joke was pretty good.

    • I’m sorry to do this to you, because you’re a good guy, but I saw this on the Today Show yesterday, I think. And the Challah joke was Al Roker’s favorite joke, too. It’s like when your mom starts singing along to your favorite song, isn’t it?

  8. Could some brave soul that actually made it past the :20 mark tell me at what point the dog shows up?

  9. i mean, frankly this kid seems way cooler than i was at 12, so i feel weird making fun of him. have a great party, daniel! get trashed on some manischewitz! smoke a cigarette! get handsy with yer best friend’s foxy older sister! LIVE LIFE!


  11. Precisely 3:23 too long.

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