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  1. My favorite line in Titanic is when Old Rose says, ‘Did we DO EEET?’ And all the scientists on the ship are practically salivating to know if this elderly woman had sex a million years ago. You nasty, scientists!!!

  2. I really hope that badideajeans is making this face in the background of every shot of Real World: Portland:

  3. I can’t believe they left out “Are you ready to go back to the Titanic?”
    That’s my favorite line to make fun of James Cameron. Most people think it’s “I’m king of the world” (also left out) but that’s my 2nd favorite. I love making fun of James Cameron, you guys!

  4. No joke: I sincerely love Billy Corgan.

  5. My favorite lines in Titanic are: “Come on girls – grab an Oar!” “And there’ll be one less on this boat, if you don’t shut that hole in your face!” and then Molly says “I don’t believe a one of ya!”

  6. The comments on that BuzzFeed list are pretty awesome. They poked gentle fun at a 16-year-old movie, they didn’t call your child ugly. Calm down!

  7. I’ve been on a cruise twice in my life (neither were poop cruises. well. one was the Backstreet Boys cruise.) both times we were in the cheapest room and would just yell “HOW ARE YOU FINDING THE ACCOMMODATIONS IN STEERAGE, MR DAWSON” among other quotes at each other.

    • My cousin and his fiancee were on the poop cruise that dominated the news last week. #humblebrag


        • It ended with a bus ride to Galveston, Texas.

          And they’re still engaged, so if your engagement can survive four days trapped at sea with poop everywhere, your marriage will probably survive anything.

          (I haven’t gotten all the details yet, so if you want to know how often they had to poop into biohazard bags, stay tuned!)

  8. Wait, is that still a photobomb if the targets don’t even know they’re being photographed? Steve Martin looks like he thinks the photo is of him while Joel is trying to bomb Steve. Amy and Maya are just chatting. What are the rules here?

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