Kelly: Hey, Gabe!
Gabe: hey kelly
Kelly: How are you?
Gabe: how’s it going?
Gabe: hahahahahha!
Kelly: LOL
Kelly: LOLing over here.
Gabe: i’m ok, thank you
Kelly: And it’s going fine!
Gabe: two fines DO make a fine
Kelly: Happy Kurt Cobain’s birthday.
Kelly: He would have been 100 years old today.
Gabe: thank you, it’s a tough day
Gabe: but i’m going to finish this whole cake
Gabe: because that is what kurt would have wanted
Kelly: That’s very SWEET of you.
Kelly: Hahah.
Gabe: oof
Kelly: That one was for Kurt.
Gabe: he is loling in his grave, i’m sure

Kelly: He was cremated and his ashes were spread over a creek in Olympia, WA but it’s all the same.
Kelly: Hey so TMZ asked Aaron Sorkin what his favorite movie quote was recently, can you guess what he said?
Gabe: hmmmm
Gabe: “It’s not a tumor”
Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: did i get it?
Kelly: Somehow you did not
Kelly: Though that was a very good guess
Gabe: wait
Gabe: let me try again
Kelly: Ok
Gabe: “I’ll have what she’s having!”
Kelly: !!!! These are all super good guesses but at the same time very incorrect ones
Gabe: hmmm
Gabe: it’s from When Harry Met Sally, though, yes?
Gabe: “Baby fish mouth!”
Gabe: Aaron Sorkin’s favorite movie quote of all time is “Baby fish mouth!”
Kelly: hahahah
Kelly: :( no!
Gabe: “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m a computer. 2001.”
Gabe: “You sure are clueless!” – Clueless
Gabe: yes?
Gabe: that’s it?
Kelly: Hmmmm, closer
Gabe: ok, hold on, i can get this
Gabe: “You had me at the quote from Clueless” – Jerry Maguire

Gabe: got it!
Kelly: Ehhhh…ahhh umm
Gabe: “Not the mama.” – Dinosaurs
Kelly: hahahah
Kelly: YES!
Gabe: i know that’s not a movie
Gabe: but
Gabe: maybe aaron sorkin got confused
Kelly: Yeah, no, it was “not the mama”
Kelly: Aaron Sorkin’s favorite movie quote is “not the mama” from the television show Dinosaurs
Kelly: I can’t believe you got it.
Gabe: “You want the truth?!” – A Few Good Men
Gabe: i feel like aaron sorkin’s favorite movie quote
Gabe: MIGHT be from a movie that he wrote himself
Gabe: “Do you want the truth or not?!”
Kelly: “Let me know if you want the truth!”
Gabe: let me see
Gabe: if i can at least guess the movie first
Gabe: and then narrow the quotes down from there
Kelly: k
Gabe: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Gabe: The Tooth Fairy
Kelly: Keep going
Kelly: Wait
Kelly: No, yeah, keep going
Gabe: Suckerpunch
Gabe: Project X
Gabe: Swordfish
Gabe: The Hunt for Red October
Kelly: Ding ding ding!

Gabe: “Welcome to torpedo town, population 6 torpedoes” – The Hunt for Red October
Kelly: Pretty much but it’s actually just “Welcome to torpedo town.”
Gabe: wait, really?
Kelly: Yeah
Kelly: From THFRO
Gabe: cool
Gabe: i’m great
Kelly: You did a great job.
Gabe: thanks kelly
Kelly: We’re gonna need a bigger congrats.
Gabe: well, i will talk to you later
Gabe: this has been fun
Kelly: We’re gonna need a bigger goodbye!
Gabe: BYE!
Gabe: like that?
Gabe: is that big enough?
Gabe: BYE
Kelly: Yeah that one was big enough.
Kelly: But before you go
Kelly: We’re gonna need a bigger I’m sorry because I lied to you about Aaron Sorkin’s favorite quote
Gabe: !!!!!!!!
Kelly: :( :(
Gabe: wait
Gabe: you’re telling me
Gabe: that aaron sorkin’s favorite movie quote
Gabe: isn’t “Welcome to Torpedo Town” from the Hunt for Red October?
Kelly: Unfortunately it isn’t
Kelly: I’m so sorry
Gabe: then what the hell is it?!
Kelly: It’s “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” from Jaws

Gabe: :-/
Kelly: I figured you would never get it
Kelly: knowing he picked such a dud
Kelly: When you were laying out such gems
Gabe: well it’s also too bad because
Gabe: the actual quote is “YOU’RE gonna need a bigger boat.”
Kelly: whoops
Kelly: “my bad” – Clueless
Gabe: do you know what my favorite movie quote is?
Gabe: “You’re fired, you liar!” – Celebrity Apprentice: The Movie
Gabe: and my second favorite movie quote is
Gabe: “I am fast AND furious.”
Gabe: from Godfather II
Kelly: Oh that’s a good one.
Kelly: Mine is “My precious.”
Gabe: from Precious
Kelly: yeah
Gabe: that’s good
Gabe: that’s a good quote
Gabe: from a movie
Kelly: thx
Gabe: it’s right up there with
Gabe: “Buh-bye!”
Gabe: from Godfather II

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  1. I’m gonna need a bigger “BOO”

  2. My favorite movie quote is “waterboarding!” from Waterworld!

  3. This is how it would have gone down if I had been conducting this interview:

    Me: What’s your favorite movie quote, A.Sorks?
    Aaron Sorkin: “You’re going to need a bigger boat”
    Me: PFFFFT! You’re going to need a better quote.

  4. “We’re gonna need a bigger broat. To your Jaws.” -Steve Brule

  5. aaron dork-in

  6. Why do people always focus on quotes from movies? Just once I’d like someone to ask Aaron Sorkin what his favorite movie prop was.

  7. My favorite quote is “Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he’s a cool dude.” It is far more useful than you might think.

    • My favorite quote is from Spice World, and it’s also a very useful piece of wisdom: “When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. Whether they are clean or not.”

    • “What is this, a (insert thing) for ants?” is loaded in my dumb joke-quote arsenal. I <3 that movie.

  8. Anyone else surprised it’s not a line he wrote? I sincerely expected that to be the content of this friendly chat.

    The best line in Spice World is when their female assistant is talking about all the degrees she has and how the most important thing in her life is choosing Mel C’s Nike Air Maxes. OH WAIT, THAT’S THE MOST DEPRESSING LINE.

    • Spice World has so many best lines. Another favorite is when Ginger is trying to break up the argument between the manager and the sleazy promoter and says “Boys, boys, boys! Have you not heard of the word compromisation?”

  9. My favorite is “bibbity bobbity Boo!” and also “You STOLE fizzy lifting drink”

  10. :-/

    Never has a simple emoticon made me laugh so hard.

  11. My favorite movie quote: “Do you like apples? Well I got her number! How do you like them apples?” My other favorite movie quote: “I’ll give you a winter prediction. It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

  12. I read somewhere that the line most repeated across all movies is “Let’s get out of here.” I’m always happy whenever it gets said. So maybe that’s my favorite.

  13. Very funny :D

  14. My favorite movie quote is ‘Tim! No Tim!’ from Jurassic Park because Sam Neill acts the shit out of those lines.

  15. He obviously forgot about “Pain don’t hurt”.

  16. Obviously my favorite movie quote is just every line from Jurassic Park.
    Also I love when Rick says basically everything in Casablanca. That’s one of those movies where it’s such an obvious answer, but that’s cause those really are the best lines.
    Also pretty much all the jokes from Spaceballs are great.
    Also “welcome to earth” and “now that’s what I call a close encounter!” from Independence Day .
    Plus duh all the jokes from South Park movie.
    So I guess if you were to ask me what my favorite movie quote is, I’d have a lot of answers.

  17. “I have a bad feeling about this” – Star Wars

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  19. It can’t rain all the time!

  20. upvoting this whole thread, hours too late.

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