I guess Courteney Cox had a cameo on an upcoming episode of Brett Gelman’s Go On this week and tweeted a photo of herself with her former Friends co-star Matthew Perry. OK! I mean, I bet for the two of them it was actually kind of nice to see each other, although who even knows. Acting is weird, showbusiness is weird, they literally might have hated each other for the entire time they were making Friends and we would never know about it because that does not sell their fake romance. But so let’s pretend that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company (but also refuse to see each other outside of a paying, studio-lit television job) and that it was a treat for them to see each other. Good! It is these tiny moments that add up to make a life, or something. But, do other people like reunions? People who do not know the people who are reuniting? Obviously they must, since it is always quite a to-do when the cast of Freaks and Geeks sits on some bleachers, or when the mother from Malcolm in the Middle buys meth-amphetamine. Seems a little weird to me, though. It’s like if you and Janice from the old Accounts Payable department at that direct marketing firm you worked at just after college finally got a bloomin’ onion together at the Fridays next to exit 63B and you Tweeted a photo of it and everyone was like “OMG, <3 <3 <3!" Nothing against Janice, she was always nice to you and she had better candy in the dish on her desk than Pamela, but who are these strangers? And don't they recognize that any kind of reunion is the half-joyful acknowledgement of the inexorable passage of time as we all march slowly towards our inevitable death? Sure, that's a pretty dark spin to put on a totally harmless Twitter photo of Monica and Chandler in a fake restaurant and everyone's got to dispense their enthusiasm somewhere on something and why not this after all, but mostly this just reminds me that Go On is no Friends, and that half of the cast of Freaks and Geeks is not doing quite as well as the other half and it probably burns them up inside and makes the bleachers extra stiff against their butts. Maybe let the past be the past and look towards the future for whatever mysteries it may hold. But that’s just me, probably. HOW YOU DOIN’?!

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  1. I’ve spent the past two days hemming and hawing over whether or not I should go to my college reunion this spring. My point is this… there is a place near my old school that makes really good sandwiches. And I like sandwiches because I’m a real Joey like that. Is it worth flying to rural Iowa to get this sandwich? No. Is it worth it to see all my friends from college? Maybe. Will I get to stay in one of the new air-conditioned dorms or will I have to stay in some gross dorm? I don’t know. Will it mess up my production schedule to be drunk in a cornfield for four days? Definitely. Oh dammit. I guess the decision has been made. Shame, really, I was very much looking forward to that sandwich.

  2. My enjoyment of a reunion of cast members of a show I liked isn’t related to the actual humans seeing each other again. I just think it’s kind of fun to see people who were in one thing together play different characters on another thing together.

    I also enjoy imagining that the new characters are the old characters; for example, as a Veronica Mars fan it is very entertaining to watch an episode of Angel where Vinnie Van Lowe impregnates Kendall Casablancas with an alien baby.

  3. Kindof, but the idea is better than the reality.

  4. Meh. I kind of get it. It’s the kind of benign excitement that doesn’t really affect your day but maybe puts a grin on your face and gives you an excuse to break the ice with your cubiclemate who’s been acting all put out since you asked her to turn her music down earlier this morning.

  5. The idea of them is much better than the reality. Like Cadbury Creme Eggs.

    • I don’t know, lbt, the reality of the first 3 bites of a Cadbury Creme Egg is pretty amazing. It’s only the reality of the 4th-8th bite that it starts to get into “Whoa I’m an adult and this is way too much for me” territory.

    • Wouldn’t they be so great if they used a better grade of less sweet chocolate? Also a real cream center without hfcs?

      • I vote for a better grade of less sweet chocolate, that’s what gets me. And seriously, who buys those things for the chocolate anyway…maybe if it was thinner or something it would be better…?

  6. Wait, you get to stay in a dorm for your reunion? Also you would choose to stay in a dorm for your reunion? Also, what’s the specialty sandwich? Also are you still in touch with your friends from college? Also are they planning on going? Also can I go? Iowa is on my list of states I haven’t visited yet.

    • This was definitely a response to badideajeans but then Videogum decided to take a shit and a nap.

      • Yeah it’s part of the fun. It’s a very small school in rural area so everyone knows each other from different classes and the reunions clusters years together. A lot of my friends that I keep in very good contact with are going, but I tend to see them at least once a year or every other year. I missed the other reunions and this is the one with the classes that would bring the most amount of people I want to see so it will be very very fun. However plane tickets are crazy expensive, but I’m not 100 percent out. My friends from college who live my town and I might do a solidarity cocktail party that weekend so we don’t have to shell out that much for travel… then maybe Skype it if we can find people to fix that on the other end.

        The sandwich is this 5-cheese and fresh veggies thing on fresh-baked french bread with a homemade mayo and mustard. When I drove to LA a million years ago, I stopped there for that very sandwich and to show my dog the campus.

        You are welcome to go. Just tell everyone you lived in Smith Annex and majored in Chemistry so you didn’t go out much and no one will doubt you.

        Iowa is actually is a pretty neat place.

  7. Could Gabe BE any more against nostalgia?

  8. Though Cordelia and Willow had run-ins in a small town called Neptune… Coincidence?

  9. I like his new show but it cracks me up that NBC puts #GOON in the corner of the screen. The person in charge of show naming clearly isn’t the same person who does social media.

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