Have you ever watched the television show Long Island Medium? They’ve parodied it on Saturday Night Live and it makes sense to me if you are more aware of that sketch than the actual show, since I just watched the actual show for the second time a week or two ago and still had to google “new jersey ghost psychic TV” (which obviously isn’t even correct) to figure out what it was called. It’s on TLC. DO YOU WATCH IT? It is ridiculous. The Long Island Medium spends most of the show approaching strangers and telling them, like, “someone you care about is going to die soon, and also you’re going to cheat on your girlfriend but she’s actually the love of your life so that’s going to be devastating.” But then sometimes she does ghost investigations for seemingly no reason and brings along her whole family and YELLS at the ghosts to appear for her on her cameras, and I think they never do? I’ve only seen two episodes but so far they’ve recorded evidence of 0 ghosts. In any case, it is a fairly lighthearted version of the sweeping trend of television shows in which cast members try to videotape ghosts. The least lighthearted and most actually scary of this trend was one of the first shows to do this, MTV’s Fear (which placed a bunch of people in supposedly haunted locations for a few days with handheld cameras and just let them kind of freak themselves out) and great news, SYFY IS GOING TO DO THAT SHOW AGAIN! AND IT LOOKS JUST AS GOOD! I’M BEING SINCERE!

UGH THAT LOOKS SO GOOD I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THESE PEOPLE BE SO SCARED AND GET SCARED WITH THEM EVEN THOUGH GHOSTS DON’T EXIST (RIGHT?) (RIGHT?!) AND I AM AT HOME AND NOT IN A HAUNTED INSANE ASYLUM, OR WHEREVER, PUTTING AWAY PLATES! On Fear they had challenges they had to do, like go into rooms where they used to do horrific surgeries and strap themselves into the gurneys and just lie there, or go to where a person hanged themselves and put a noose around your neck and film yourself saying things like “oooh my god, oh my god, oh no, ahh, ohh no,” which were so fun and terrifying to watch, and I’m not sure that is an element of SyFy’s Stranded, but we’ll just have to TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Do you like shows like this? Are you with me? Is anyone with me? Am I alone? Oooh no. Ooooh my god. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. I have always wondered this, but what’s up with the “SyFy” name? That name is what you would get if you asked a 4-year-old to spell sci-fi. Are people really so dumb that “Sci-Fi” was too much and they HAD to rebrand to be more recognizable?

  2. I love ghost hunter shows! I want to start a ghost hunting business, and just have someone’s dad come with us and sit in a chair in the corner saying nothing until someone asks about it and then be like THAT CHAIR IS EMPTY.

    • Genius.

    • Also, my old roommate and I used to watch Paranormal State (ugh, that show!) religiously and last year I saw Ryan (who seems like such a self-important douche canoe) having dinner with what I assume is his family, so I did a double take and he kind of rolled his eyes in an “oh man, I can’t go ANYWHERE” kind of way and I wanted to throw my shoe at him and yell “YOU AREN’T EVEN FAMOUS, YOU SHOULD BE SOAKING THIS UP!” but instead I texted my roommate and she told me that since I love to date assholes that interaction probably left me rage-pregnant with his babies.

    • My heart belongs to Ghost Adventures. The Valentine’s Day episode where Zak serenades a ghost hooker in particular.

      • Ghost Adventures is also where my heart lies. I love Zak’s romantic entanglements with various sad prostitute ghosts, I love how Nick is always posessed, I love Aaron’s goofy terrified face, I love these ridiculous bros ghosting other bros and I love how anytime they were clearly not interested in scoping out some big or dangerous place they would skype with Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

        I WOULD LIKE TO GO TO BOBBY MACKEY’S MUSIC WORLD. I can’t even claim irony or sarcasm in my enjoyment anymore. I just enjoy it.

    • The most exciting moment of my life is finding out one of my trivia team members PROFESSIONALLY HUNTS GHOSTS AAAH HOW CAN I JOIN? I clearly know a lot about David Bowie, does that qualify me?

    • I advise employing a child in a suit from time to time.

  3. Relatedly, this happened in my office this morning.

  4. OMG, my favorite show in, like, 2006 or something was Vh1′s Celebrity Paranormal Project, which I assume is just like this, only with celebrities. The best one ever featured Hal Sparks and Gary Busey and Playboy Playmate and Tocara from ANTM some other people in a TB hospital, I think? And a dead baby rolled a ball to Hal Sparks?!?!?! And someone did spirit writing?? And Gary Busey told everyone about colors and then hugged all the women, but Hal Sparks felt left out. I check about once a month to see if that show is on DVD, but it’s not. OH MY GOD, it’s on hulu! Good bye, productivity!!!

  5. Are you guys excited about Robot Combat League? I sure am!!!

  6. I don’t know why I ever watched it because I hate being scared, but I used to loooove Fear. My favorite episode was the one where one of the girls had to go to a creepy room and grab these exposed wires and electrocute herself, and the other girl had to do some kind of seance and then thought she was possessed. So the electrocution girl came back to the creepy cabin or whatever all freaked out and was like “OMG I GOT ELECTROCUTED” and the other girl just straight up threw shade and was like “Yeah, well, I got POSSESSED!” I got possessed by LOLs after watching it.

  7. I am really excited for this. I hate most ghost shows because I don’t personally believe in ghosts (although I still got really mad at a friend when she visited me in my DORM HAUNTED BY GHOST NUNS and had sex in the HAUNTED STAIRWELL because, dude, way to put me on their map now and also if this was a horror movie YOU WOULD BE DEAD HAVEN’T YOU EVER SEEN A HORROR MOVIE UGH I WASH MY HANDS OF YOU GO PLAY IN THE WOODS ALONE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN EVEN THOUGH THAT CAMPSITE HAS HOSTED STRANGE MURDERS LITERALLY EVERY YEAR SINCE 1942. But I digress). But this looks really good, and I apparently feed on terror.

    Also I wish I had known about this during casting. We could have videogum everywhered this show!

  8. This is a total ripoff of TLC’s SUDDEN LOUD NOISES.

  9. Syfy and I are currently in a fight because they cancelled Alphas. Stupid Syfy, stop turning into the next bravo/tlc/a&e

  10. Guys, no joke. One of my favorite shows during family time in December was My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera. I was obsessed. I’d watch the over-night marathons from midnight to 5 am.

    It’s on the BIO channel, which is weirdly like 200 channels away from something like NBC, but it comes with a basic cable package. EERIE, amirite?!?!!

    • I dated a producer on My Ghost Story last year…and he looked eerily/awesomely like James Spader and what I’m saying was, that was a fun relationship while it lasted.

  11. Does this mean we can ask SyFy producers to send us to haunted places for a few days? I can think of some notoriously haunted villas that overlook the Mediterranean and sit on lush gardens and vineyards next to terrifying ghost-filled hiking trails… Definitely in France, but also in Spain and Italy and Monaco. I would *totally* take one for the team on this. I am not kidding.

    • I have experience with haunted places, too. My old office at CBS was allegedly haunted by the ghost of Bob Crane. I had a whole list of questions for him in case we did meet, mostly about the afterlife but also about the mysterious sex scandal that took his life. And why was he haunting his old radio office when he could be in the locker room of 2 or 3 nearby 24-hour gyms. Does this mean I will be forced to haunt my old office and if so, will I get a choice?

      Seriously, I even speak a little French and German. I could totally go to Stranded: International. Hell, I’ll even let them send me to a mountain chalet in Switzerland or Southern Germany. I am *that* dedicated to this. Actually, I’ll go to my family’s former estate in Hungary where my great great grandfather murdered a gypsy* in some skirmish over a racehorse and apologize on behalf of my family and see if we can get the curse lifted. I don’t speak Hungarian though so I may need a hunky translator.

      *This is a real thing that happened in my family history and it’s super fucked up and totally fascinating.

      • I understand Hungarian more than I speak it, so I’m in as long as we don’t cross over into Romania. I wish there were hunky translators. Then maybe I would travel more.

  12. I’m really grateful you led into this story by bringing up Long Island Medium. While I’ve never actually watched it, I am from LI (also known as “Strong Island,” to preteen girls in the early ’90s) and an acquaintance of mine is going to be on it! I think it’s to talk to her dead grandpa, though. :(

    More on topic: I’m such a scaredy-cat that I’m literally just scared by stuff filmed in night vision. So I don’t think I’ll be watching this, even if it is just people freaking out alone in empty houses.

  13. The part of the room under the air conditioner is usually the most haunted. #ghosthuntingtips

    • A couple of years back my mom insisted I go with her to the cemetery after they closed the gates at around sunset on Halloween (through the wooded/forest part), because that’s was the only time she was free to go. Like she didn’t have a problem with it. I had to remind her that was pretty much the beginning of every horror movie.

      • Yeah that wasn’t meant to be a reply, but usually the hidden crawlspace between the porch and the foundation is the least haunted #ghosthuntingtips #ahs

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