Listen. You’re going to face some hardships in your life and there are going to be moments when you feel like you should just give up. You’re going to feel like you should just keep doing pushups with two hands, and that’s if you’re going to continue doing pushups at all. Maybe you will just stop doing pushups altogether? That’ll sound pretty good to you! “Who do I think I am, Gwen Stefani?” you’ll say to yourself. “In a sports bra on stage 100 years ago doing one-armed pushups and then now here, 100 years later, looking exactly the same like some kind of beautiful pop-ska vampire? No way, that’s not me.” But it’s going to be in times like these when it will be most important to keep going. To remember that you can do it. Or you’ll find that what you’ve been working towards, ultimately, is a lie. Just like a lot of things! So. Good luck! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Fake

    first guy didn’t even look like he was sincerely doing two hand push ups even

  2. I have had “We’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan stuck in my head all morning, which coupled with this video, makes me feel like I should accomplish something impressive. I figure being awake and at work in not-pajama clothing is close enough.

  3. I guess anything is funny on lots of Russian Vodka? I mean faking out my friends by not doing real push-ups would land you on the shady side of the gay community’s street. Why are you NOT working our your pecs? You think this is funny? You won’t be laughing on Fire Island this summer with your sunken in chest!

  4. No hands push ups are the only type of push ups that are actually easier the fatter you are.

  5. In Russia, ups push you

  6. Kelly, I love your reference to Gwen Stefani’s push ups. Maybe one armed push ups are the secret to eternal youth because holy moly she has not aged.

  7. Cock pushups are pretty cool but you can only do one.

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