• Marge Simpson IS The Girl With The Pearl Earring Necklace, click through for more. (Artist: David Barton) -HuffPostComedy
  • Speaking of The Simpsons, watch the show’s Oscar-Nominated Short Film, The Longest Daycare -/Film
  • Mayim Bialyk talks about “Blossiming To Science” -22Words
  • Clerks 3: The E-Book?! -Vulture (Thanks for the tip, Jessica!)
  • Nobody Wants To Buy Dick Clark’s Flinstones House -Uproxx
  • 5 Real TV Shows That Feature Great Fake TV Shows -TheWeek
  • The 10 Best Musical Performances On The Golden Girls -BuzzFeed
  • Jesse Johnson, aka John Wilkes Booth, Talks Killing Lincoln -Collider
  • ’90s Reggie Watts Sings About Caves On Bill Nye The Science Guy -HyperVocal
  • Alison Brie performs one of her signature freestyle raps on Fallon -WarmingGlow
  • First Pages Of Fake Lifetime Movies, Poop Cruise Edition: The Triumph -TheHairpin
  • Watch a Young, Pre-Fame Bradley Cooper Ask Sean Penn For Acting Advice -FilmDrunk
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Challenge: “I Gave My Wife/Girlfriend A Terrible Valentine’s Gift” -JimmyKimmelLive
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  1. The O.C. should have gotten an honorable mention on the list of best shows within shows for having the laziest fake show names: “The Valley” and “Suitcase or No Suitcase”

  2. All the Oscar-nominated animated shorts this year are pretty outstanding. I didn’t like the live-action ones though.

  3. That Bill Nye shake your cave thing song is great! Who wants to dance?

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