There’s nothing like a three-day weekend to make you feel like weekends are never long enough, EVEN IF they have an extra day in them. The night before is just as full of dread. The alarm clock is just as piercing. The air outside of your bed is just as cold, and the shower never gets much warmer. The coffee is never provided quickly enough, and never gives the full amount of relief you anticipated. Is this how it always tastes? How it always feels? Has coffee stopped working for you? Ugh, as if you needed another disappointment. Or maybe you like your job and are happy enough to get back into the swing of things, plus you have a bunch of fun stuff planned this week that you’re really looking forward to! And you’re feeling pretty good about your office Oscar pool? Who knows! Everyone is different. Everyone handles their three-day weekends differently. In any case, welcome baaaack! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. I’m glad you took an extra day to find a video that includes my new favorite thing ever: A yawning anteater.

  2. Jeez, Kelly. Don’t you know that yawning is contagious? Now I’m all sleepy again.

  3. Don’t know why everyone is all up on this video. I found it to be a lot of hot air.

  4. I forgot that I had yesterday off and wandered into work anyways. I stared at the walls for about 2 hours before I looked at the vacation calendar. But then I had this wonderful feeling that I had been granted a bonus day, and was far more productive than I would have been otherwise. All days off should be surprise days off.

  5. welcome back

  6. What are these “three-day weekends” of which you speak?

    • It’s a thing where some of us have to work, and we have to use equipment that needs constant repair and maintenance, but the maintenance people do NOT have to work, so we have to either Macgyver up a solution, or else look for ways for people to stay busy. At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

  7. I hope everyone played lots of president-themed drinking games this weekend! Canadians, we should pick an arbitrary day to be Prime Minister’s Day. If there is drinking involved, my motivation to learn skyrockets and I really need to brush up on my PMs.

    • I am FOR a Prime Ministers Day. Mostly because I love to tell people how fascinated I am by Berlusconi, and I would love a proper platform by which to do so.

      • Canadian PMs aren’t that exciting, I’m afraid. We had one who did a little pirouette near the Queen once and it was the country’s biggest political scandal for decades? Although I’m sure Tudeau was neck-deep in boinga boinga though, he *did* date Samantha from Sex and the City.

        • You guys should import a Berlusconi. He’s nothing but scandal! He recently said that Mussolini was a good leader, and he was right to side with Hitler, because it looked like he was going to win the war. This being Berlusconi, who is only passingly familiar with what counts as good taste, he made these remarks on Holocaust Remembrance Day.


    This week is going to be great because IT’S MAH BIRTHDAY WEEK! I plan on eating, like, so much junk. It’s going to be amazing.

  9. I yawned at 19 seconds in. What about you folks?

  10. adults are not so cute when they yawn though.

  11. That’s the most beautiful, thought-inspiring film about double chins I’ve ever seen.

  12. I’m not yawning, but that dam Welcome Back, Kotter song is firmly stuck in my head now.

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