I watched the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever this weekend. Have you guys seen that? With Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg? It’s not great. I wanted it to be great. I love when things are great. But it wasn’t. One of the reasons for that, I think, is because it fell into this weird comedic trend that is going on right now where the world is depicted as a place without any fun in it. You know what I mean? LIke, hey, whoa, no one understands that life is a permanent (but also somehow fleeting) nightmare better than I do, and that the world is and will always be a vampire. But, like, outside of Celeste and Jesse jerking off a tube of chapstick at one point, neither of them ever seems to actually be enjoying themselves, and if you look at a lot of comedies these days it’s the same thing. Friends are always either ripping each other to shreds with perfect one-liners, or they are going on an almost impossibly hairbrained scheme that will involve multiple bouts of diarrhea and, like, some tertiary indiscriminately ethnic character will have to blow a dude. But for as much as things are pretty rough out there most of the time, and as hard as we all work to just get through another Tuesday, sometimes falling on our faces along the way, there is fun to be had, too. It can be fun. Look at Patrick Stewart! He’s having fun. I rest my case.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Special Placement me up, Scott! LOLOL. (Via @Twitter.)

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  1. Set phasers to fun!

  2. Can I nominate “Special Placement me up, Scotty”? Because it’s perfect, everyone go home, we can’t do any better.

  3. Captain’s Log, Stardate 43153.8. The ball pit smells like pee.

  4. These Star Wars spin-offs are getting wacky!

  5. Patrick Stewart surfaces for air during ball pit orgy.

  6. To ball-dly go where no man has gone before.

  7. I want to goof around ion a ball pit! Call me Professor X-tremely jealous.

  8. Looks like he’s been almost completely assimilated.

  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  10. If he doesn’t tilt his head up to show his face, the kids will think he is just another one of the balls and jump on him.

  11. Very funny, Logan. Now help me up. And get Erik away from the pinball machines.

  12. “This truly is…. The Danger Room.” – Professor X moments before being swallowed by some giant mutant sentient ball pit or something

  13. They’re really running out of ideas for the Holo-Deck up there.

  14. More balls!

  15. The only way Shatner will top this is if he has a moon bounce!

  16. Shakesphere? Because he’s a Shakespearean actor? And balls are spheres? LOL?????

  17. And that son is how bald people are made

  18. He balled.

  19. Trouble with triBALLS (sorry)

  20. I don’t have a witty caption for this. This picture just makes me really happy. Like, I was having a not great day, and this picture makes it instantly better.

  21. I did not know that Nereids could assume a male aspect in your world. Nor have I come across such a sea of balls in my travels. Truly, it is a marvelous photographic: the Nereid of the Ball Sea surfacing to enjoy a ray of sunlight as it breaks free of the gloomy sky. There are wonders yet to be discovered in your world and I am ashamed to have ever considered it a Vampire. Sometimes a Boggle, perhaps, but never a Vampire.

  22. “Star Trek: Picard’s Bucket List”

  23. Picard accepts his new post as Chief Fun Officer aboard the USS DIscovery Zone

  24. Shut up, Wesley! You’ll have your turn!

  25. This picture just makes me think Patrick Stewart was in a movie as a kooky-fun child predator.

  26. uh, my doctor doesn’t want me to do any activities where balls fly at my face.

  27. “Computer…Balls”

    • “Oh no! I understand now! We asked the computer to create a sea of balls capable of defeating DATA!”


      • “There are one thousand eight hundred and seventy FOUR BALLS!”


        • “Number One, Using the same strength you showed with Captain DeSoto, I would appreciate it if you could keep me from making an ass of myself with children.”


  28. I was home sick sleeping most of yesterday so I missed this. But it is a delight to have it be the first internet thing I see this morning! Thank you Patrick Stewart for being a delight.

  29. And then the busty lesbian Chuck-E Cheeses employees scramble to get their knickers on, but it’s too late I’ve seen everything.

    • “…but it’s too late, I’ve seen everything.”

      This will forever make me laugh. I’m so glad Sir Patrick Stewart doesn’t take himself as seriously as he could.

  30. More Purell, captain?

  31. Which one is him?

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