On Friday, I posted the video of Kenneth The Page saying “nutsack” on Thursday’s 30 Rock, along with a promise to call out all future instances of this word occurring on regular television. And that’s when the emails with the subject line “nutsack” started! It seems that the unfortunately awful FOX animated show Sit Down, Shut Up used a very similar joke in its first episode, to much less comic effect (even if it was the great Will Arnett who uttered it). :(

It’s not like it’s a crazy-original joke idea in the first place, but something is lost between Kenneth’s cautionary tale and Sit Down, Shut Up‘s obnoxious, obvious animation-for-13-year-olds. (I only suffered through the first episode of SD, SU. If it’s somehow gotten better, or even watchable since then, do let me know. Until then, I’ll continue trying to ignore it, since it involves such talent as Mitch Hurwitz, Will Arnett, and Nick Kroll. (And the producers of Two And A Half Men — let’s just put all the blame on them and move on.) (Thanks for the nutsack tips, Brad, Tyson, Cindy, N., C.N., and “Anonymous”!)

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  1. Wow, that blatant racism is so cleverly concealed.

  2. szczur  |   Posted on May 4th, 2009 +1

    well su sd had a few great moments, but, oh, how unfunny the rest was, yeah, right.

  3. crybaby  |   Posted on May 4th, 2009 -9

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    • So you thought that motor-camel “joke” was necessary? Your reasoning does not compute. I could say that your commentary was unnecessary, as well, since it had nothing to do with the clip and everything to do with being retarded.

      • Jtotheennifer  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +1

        Yes, I agree it’s racist, but don’t even bother complaining if you’re going to describe it as retarded. Calling things retarded is one of the most offensive insults ever.

    • caractacus  |   Posted on May 4th, 2009 +2

      Actually, that whole ‘Happy’ character seems to be pretty much on the same level as Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Seriously, why is this not offensive?

      • It’s okay to be offensive sometimes. And also, AnneTheTechnoHypocrite, Why is the Camel joke unnecessary and offensive but saying someone’s comment is retarded isn’t?

        Waaaaaaaaa! for off-topic.

      • But. No. The point with Happy is that the OTHER people are racist because they assume because he’s Middle Eastern, he hates America. If you listen to the translation he’s just a normal dude.

        /week late comment because I just saw this on my google reader.

  4. I think when SD & SU is not zinging someone, it should just do the latter part of their title and Shut Up.

  5. Sammy  |   Posted on May 4th, 2009 -6

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    • sirrix  |   Posted on May 5th, 2009 +1

      The episode in the above clip was the pilot episode, you retarded Arab.

      Does everyone feel better now?

  6. Sit Down Get Canceled

  7. Anyone remember that episode of UCB where they have the John Denver fan club and all of the songs had “nutsack” instead of the regular nouns?

    Also: Is anyone else unable to log in, or is that just me?

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