A JK Livin’ formal menswear line. “One of the first things I had written down was ‘from the jungle to the opera,’” McConaughey told WWD of the line. More like JK LOVIN’ (as in I’M LOVIN’ IT).

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  1. Wait, that’s an actual quote? That is amazing. Gabe, you couldn’t write a better parody quote if you tried.

  2. “wear a shirt JK”

  3. From the Emporium to the Aerosmith concert.

  4. McConaughey picks out a leopard print tuxedo. “This,” he says, putting it back in his wardrobe, “this is what I design.”

  5. Jeans, t-shirts, and flannels? The genius of a fashion innovator like McConaughey is *limitless* (no offense to Bradley Cooper).

  6. That’s what I love about these active-inspired sportswear target audience members, man. I get older; they stay the same age…

  7. Oh man, I tried to go to the JK Livin’ store and the site is down. The demand for expensive, chill sweatshirts must be astronomical. Now I just want one even more!

  8. These chinos are all right all right all right.

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