Did you guys see the dope rap lyrics that Entertainment Weekly published this week written by Solange Knowles’s 8-year-old son? So dope:

You don’t know how to rap/You’re so fat, like a rat in a mousetrap/You got a pen?/No? I didn’t think so/I’ll get you one if you know how to flow, yo/You got a pocket? I didn’t think so/Because you’re like an armadillo in the road, bro/Have you seen the movie hunger games?

Froggy is still the regional manager of the rap game, but I believe there is a new assistant to the regional manager of the rap game in town. And, uh, it ain’t Mike! (No offense, Mike. I’m just playing around. It can be both of you.)

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  1. so pumped for Mike’s Mom
    and then
    Also excited to whittle his notebooks full of “songs” into “one decent stanza”
    and then

  2. I’d say that I’d like to see how thoughts move inside his brain, but he actually explains that pretty well.

  3. That freestyle wasn’t very dope, but I’m still pretty psyched for the debut of “Money Maker MILF”.*

    *I’m assuming the song will be about her being hot. Either that, or about how she always keeps the house fully stocked with Bagel Bites and Sunny D.

  4. Froggy Fresh is doing God’s work.

  5. “Great job!”

  6. Zaytoven put out a mixtape last year called Zaytown USA and his son has a song on there called “I’m Bad” where he brags about getting good grades and playing Nintendo and hanging out with girls (but only as friends since they have cooties), if you are into elementary school kids rapping it’s worth a listen

    also Froggy Fresh is p funny but why do we never get coverage of Lil B? He’s running Youtube right now, making history, promoting the first cat ever in hip-hop, ending rapper’s careers, basically he’s the CFO of the rap game right now

  7. So THAT’S what’s been missing from rap all these years: whistling.

  8. “Really good song. Really good video” is the perfect review of every Froggy Fresh video.

  9. I was just thinking earlier today, “Man, a new Froggy Fresh video would make this day so much better.” Thank you Froggy Fresh for improving a decidedly blah day.


  11. But really this guy is dope. That’s been established by science now, right?

  12. What about Date Mike?

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