I know we’ve waited all week to talk about it, but I swear to god, if I read any more words on the internet about whether or not Hannah from Girls could have actually gotten with Patrick Wilson, or what it even means that people are asking that question, I am going to call Time Warner and tell them to go fuck themselves for bringing this exhausting garbage access into my apartment every day. “But you asked for it and pay for it?” they’ll say. “Oh, do I?” I’ll say, “Because sometimes it seems more like a FAVOR YOU’RE DOING ME, POORLY.” Haha. I turned it around on them there. Who even knows what I’m mad at them about now! But anyway I’ll say that I thought her revelation speech at the end was upsetting, and her character is exhausting, but the rest of the episode was so weird that I kind of enjoyed it, actually. NEXT. Portlandia was great this week. I’m not sure how you all felt about the sketch that opened the show — the young boy and his Rube Goldberg device — but I loved it! I don’t love the idea of using sound-effects to make up for a perceived lack in humor (which Portlandia does often), but some of them hit, and the rest of it was both odd and funny enough that it made up for the overuse. (Especially the end when he said he was raising his hand but you couldn’t tell because he was upside down.) The rest of the episode — the B&B, the furniture builder photo shoot, and especially Fred’s trip to Italy — was great, too! MAYBE MY FAVORITE OF THE SEASON? (Except that I did really love the rat authors sketch from last week.) Bob’s Burgers‘ Valentine’s Day episode was really great. I have said it before, but it came out strongly in this episode so I’m going to say it again, I think Bob’s Burgers does the hilarious/heartwarming balance better than any show on TV. U shuld wach it. (Jump!)

Community aired it’s Halloween — excuse me, Valloween, episode last night. I thought that was good, too! GUS FRING, EVERYBODY! HE’S BACK! I still had the feeling that if you watched it without paying much attention it would have just seemed like any old Community episode, but if you listened you could get the sense that it was very much trying to seem like any old Community episode, which was slightly distracting, but otherwise I thought it was a solid effort. Britta’s costume was funny. The Dean’s costume was horrifying. Jeff’s face was handsome. The Office was more enjoyable than it has been, kind of, (with the 2nd Breaking Bad member cameo of the night) but I really just do not know where they are going with the Pam and Jim conflict and moreover I do not know WHY they are going there. (Also, Pam, you should move to Philadelphia! I have lived in both Scranton and Philadelphia and they are both kind of shitty but at least Philadelphia has, I don’t know, museums! And the restaurants stay open a bit later! And it is 20% less shuttered and depressing!) I can’t wait until I never have to watch Andy again. Jesus. Enough. Parks and Recreation was great, obviously. I was so mad when they didn’t have the wedding in last night’s episode. Hahah. “TO BE CONTINUED ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” 4got how time worked. Also: HOW DID SHE GET TURN HER RED DRESS WHITE, THOUGH? Can’t wait for next week when we get to find out how she did that. (Honestly.) (Next week will be so sweet!) You talk now!

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  1. When Parks and Rec gets cancelled, I really hope we get a spinoff Ron Swanson talk show. That was just the best.

  2. I am so disappointed in myself for missing every single comedy show this week. I’m just going to read through this whole thread and be sad until I can sit down with hulu this evening and catch up all at once.

  3. Parks and Rec was super sweet and I can only imagine how much sweeter it’s going to be next week.

    Community was not as funny as it used to be but better than last week.

    I can’t even talk about Cougar Town because it was too rapey and I will be sad.

  4. Parks was really good, especially with the Ron talk show and the visual gags of the hungover Joan Callamezzo.

    I can’t hate Community because it had Donald Glover in a Hobbes tiger suit saying whacky things and swinging in a sex swing, not realizing it’s a sex swing, so I mean, you get a B for that alone and weren’t as bad/off as last week, so sure.

  5. I watched the first season of Girls this week. It’s so great.

    • I think Britta’s my favorite now? She is simultaneously the best and worst all at once. And the ending where her and Troy were gonna go watch Inspector Spacetime was very sweet.

  6. “Also, Pam, you should move to Philadelphia! I have lived in both Scranton and Philadelphia and they are both kind of shitty but at least Philadelphia has, I don’t know, museums! And the restaurants stay open a bit later! And it is 20% less shuttered and depressing!”

    This statement is painfully accurate.

  7. The Office stressed me out so much with its real world problems. But you know what stressed me out more? Turning off my TV and learning A FUCKING METEOR JUST CRASHED IN RUSSIA.

  8. all the lena dunham/patrick wilson talk makes me so sad. it’s right in the title: one man’s trash is another man’s comfort in an empty home after his wife leaves. it makes total sense, not everyone is visually calipering their mate’s body 24/7. where’s the uproar about dudes on tv/in movies hooking up with beautiful models all the time? i wish everyone would just stop it w how unsettling they find lena dunham’s body – i hate what this turns me into.

    • Yeah for all the issues I have with Girls (poor writing, meandering, arbitrary storylines that often go nowhere, peripheral characters who are more or less cartoons, etc.), the uproar over Lena Dunham getting naked bothers me. I think its because people in general are not comfortable with themselves and/or the average human body. Which is really dumb. Why is it so unsettling to see? It’s not like you have never seen it before (Tobias Funke notwithstanding).

      • I think she uses the fact that she can be kind of funny-looking to great effect. I disagree that it’s poorly written. It’s a sitcom, so “meandering, arbitrary storylines that often go nowhere, peripheral characters who are more or less cartoons” are part of the deal.

      • although i love the show, i completely agree! to me, it seems very clear that she’s using her appearance to push people’s boundaries. and as long as they’re in vocal disarray about it, they’re not getting the point. and that makes me sad for them b/c maybe it means they live in a dream world? or they’re in denial? or that they will have a very hard time finding happiness? one or none or all of the above, maybe.

    • For the record, I thought the “hot wife/dumpy husband” TV trope has been pretty damn unrealistic for quite a while.

    • I mean also, there’s an 18-year age difference and she threw herself at him? So like, how is this completely outlandish?

      • i know! and he’s so lonely! and she’s so lively and full of life! it seemed so utterly realistic in the moment.

        and just b/c a dude is hot doesn’t mean he all of sudden has standards for casual sex, let’s be real.

  9. Leslie being all the different people on the fake news reports was A+ wonderful.

  10. I only saw The Office last night and:

    1. YES, Dwight! You and Angela DO belong together. Let your freak flag fly! Divorce the Senator for Pete’s sake.
    2. Andy must go. I don’t care how, but SOON.
    3. Why are Jim and Pam always bickering. Stay in Scranton. Like my mom said last night, they have a house to pay for!
    4. Anyone else see the very end? Documentary within a documentary coming soon. Not sure how I feel about that.
    5. I started watching it the minute Pam and Saul were doing the interview and I flipped out a little in my mind.
    6. Gabe is creepier than ever and must also go. He should get mauled by a giraffe.

    • I’ll admit, I do feel a little bad for Andy, in that I’ve been in his shoes and it’s not easy to just “get over it”. However, he’s still a giant bag of horse penises and did deserve to get dumped in the first place.

      • Why is here still working there? He played hooky for 3 months and got caught! Not cool.

        I can handle Andy being a jerk, but either as a manager or as a human being. True he’s in a bad place emotionally, but I can’t stand him abusing his authority to that degree. All this sexual harrassment stuff makes me notice how Toby is suddenly slacking big time. And it was so sad when he said “first friend” and then the Scranton Strangler tried to Scranton strangle him.

        • There was a part in the episode where David Wallace said he couldn’t fire Andy because without Andy he (David) wouldn’t own the company. But he also said this was his one time penance, so another screw up would mean Andy is out. Though when you think about it, Andy went away for three months and they had a really great quarter, so maybe David should pay Andy to stay away.

          I did like: “I saw Pete’s butt. It was gross!”.

        • I can buy that David felt he owed Andy for essentially getting him the company again. And since Dunder Mifflin performed well financially over those 3 months and didn’t tank, he probably wasn’t as pissed as he could’ve been. Of course, this season has been totally out of whack, so what passes as “plausible” on this show is pretty loose.

  11. Look at how happy he is!

  12. I loved Troy and Abed as Calvin and Hobbes but otherwise hard to compare this Halloween Community to the zombie one…that was so great!
    Also Parks and Rec was wonderful, as always.
    I watched Girls without realizing there was anything unbelievable about it. Pretty bummery to find out that people were like “ugh”…but I guess I always get grossed out by Patrick Wilson because of Hard Candy.

  13. I can’t even with The Office anymore. What are you trying to do? Everything with Andy just frustrated me to no end. Who is this man? Andy’s basically just a vindictive plot manipulator at this point and it pisses me off. Jim & Pam’s relationship problems are a boring bummer, because I just can’t believe the show is going to seriously break them up after a million seasons of being “The Perfect Couple,” so what’s the point of last minute marital problems?

    Parks & Rec, was as always, a delight. Leslie’s news characters were brilliant. I can’t wait for Ben & Leslie to get married!!! (Although, couple of questions: Isn’t this a little TOO much like April and Andy’s wedding? Throwing a party for everyone and then getting surprise married? I mean I know that April and Andy planned it that way and that Ben and Leslie are doing it spur of the moment, but still? Also, I always kind of have to side eye “Let’s just go ahead and get married NOW!” plots, because ummm….haven’t you spent an exorbitant amount of money on catering and vendors and stuff already? And also, none of your family is there? Like Leslie’s mom could probably be rounded up quickly because she lives in Pawnee, but Ben’s family is in another state? But anyway, I’m just nitpicking here and obviously, the episode is going to be super cute and they’re GETTING MARRIED YAY!)

    Community was fine? It was weird, because it was basically exactly like Kelly said. It seemed like someone trying really hard to create “a Community episode.” Nice moment with Jeff calling his dad at the end though.

    • also, tangential to your first point, who is erin? b/c she seems to be an emotionally and intellectually stunted woman-child who happens to be very pretty.

      it might not be ok for anyone to have dated her, starting from the borderline abusive weird power dynamic situation with gabe, then her boss andy… i guess pete is the least disturbing romantic partner she’s had.

  14. Maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome, but I am enjoying the fuck out of this final season of The Office. The Jim and Pam thing makes sense to me because Jim’s never really cared about his job before and Pam fell in love with him and now Jim is totally occupied with his new job and it’s different and Pam doesn’t want it. That happens all the time. I laughed out loud so many times last night. Andy was acting like Michael Scott more than ever and it made me think that the job is cursed or something, that no matter who becomes the manager there, they will turn into Michael Scott. And the second Breaking Bad cameo of the evening? Brilliant! I couldn’t stop laughing. And Meredith and Daryl only had a couple lines but they were hilarious. And Toby? And Gabe? And Dwight’s Aunt? Come on. The Office killed it last night.

    Also, I thought Lena Dunham looked pretty hot playing ping pong.

  15. Archer was pretty excellent this week, lot of good lines for Kreiger and his girlfriend, and it was the only comedy I ended up watching since I’ve been busy with school

    “My penis can only get so erect.”

    “Ooooh, Neil deGrasse Tyson-san”

  16. bob odenkirk as micheal scott is the best…but really, Pam had to say it? It was so obvious and that Pam talking head kind of ruined it.

  17. Bob’s Boigs’ cast is the greatest!
    LOL@ Tina when she’s worried they’re following too close in the car. LOL @ Linda’s buzzer sounds. LOL @ every Bob’s Burgers episode. <3<3

  18. I almost didn’t watch The Office because the preview they kept showing made me so angry at Andy, but I watched it and liked it okay. The Dwight/Angela storyline was good, as was Toby and the Scranton Strangler. I liked new Michael Scott, but it just really made me miss Steve Carrell. As annoying as Michael could be, he really acted as the center for the show, and it’s not the same without him. Andy is the worst, and not even like Britta who is the worst but is also the best. He is just the worst! Go away! Hiring random people for positions that don’t exist just to mess with Pete and Erin? Give me a break. I did laugh a lot at the fact that Gabe got the Nike swoosh tattooed because of Erin. “Just do it. You were the it.”

    Community was good. Very good costumes/Scooby Doo situations. And Parks and Rec was perfect as always. I am giddy with anticipation for next week!

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