Oh, the end of the Valentine’s Day work day. The time when everyone either shuffles off to some sort of long-planned Love Meal, or hastily last minute planned Love Meal, or meal that’s just a normal meal that you’re eating because it’s dinnertime and not because you’re celebrating this “holiday,” either because you don’t happen to be seeing anyone right now or just because you don’t believe in the idea that we need to set aside one day a year to show our love for someone when we should just be showing them that every day. Or maybe you had a big lunch! I don’t know. Whatever. Just remember that when you’re having your dinner and sipping whatever drink you’re sipping, thinking about how perfect it all is, remember that it is actually not perfect because first of all you are not Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their life is The Perfect Life™, and second of all whatever garbage you’re sipping couldn’t possibly be from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new line of wines, The Perfect Wines™ (not what they’re called), because the first one — a rosé — doesn’t even come out UNTIL MARCH! “Oh my goodness, first Drew Barrymore came out with a wine, and now my second and third favorite celebrities are coming out with THEIR OWN wine? You gotta be kidding me! It really IS Valentine’s Day!” That’s you! “But wait, I just gotta ask — are they really going to have a hand in making the wine, or are they just slapping their names on some SWILL?” That’s you again, always the cynic, but obviously they’re going to have a hand. Take it from the article Decanter wrote about them and their partnership with the winemaking Perrin family: “They (the Jolie-Pitts) want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can. They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines.” OOOKAAAAAAY? They’re doing all of the relooking and reworking. Jeeze. Relax. Buy the wine. HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. No thanks. Ever since the “vial of Billy Bob’s blood” incident, I stay well away from any red liquids Angelina tries to offer me.

  2. I got a new notebook today, so that’s pretty exciting. Not a new computer, just a paper notebook to keep track of my notes. Later I might get an espresso-infused chocolate stout because that beer is actually even more delicious than it sounds. In your faces, Jolie-Pitts!

    • I’ll bet that stout would be better if it was aged in bourbon barrels. I’ve got a couple I could tear into tonight, but I’m trying to avoid drinking Monday through Thursday, except for special occasions (concerts, etc.) and when I just feel like it. Of course, that just means I make up for it on the weekends.

    • I have had espresso stout and I have had chocolate stout but I have never had espresso chocolate stout! It sounds glorious!

    • Espresso-infused chocolate stout float!!!!!! MAKE AN ESPRESSO-INFUSED CHOCOLATE STOUT FLOAT, THAT IS MY VALENTINE’S DAY WISH!!!!

      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay. It’s still really early here but I’ll do my best. I didn’t even know I had a Valentine’s Day wish until now. Thank you.

  3. I had a pork chop for lunch and the entire time I was eating it, the TV in the bar was showing footage of that cruise ship where everybody is pooping in bags and every time I looked at the screen it said “feces” or “putrid” or “walking through sewage” and yet I still ate my pork chop because pork chops are delicious.

  4. I got some work done, finished up my assignment for class and am now going to swim. I’m at about 45 miles for the year (since Jan 1) trying to swim 250 Miles before a swim meet in August.

  5. I am falling asleep at my desk because I stayed up really late last night finishing my annual list of the hottest celeb dudes. Those baby animals weren’t going to photoshop themselves into those pictures of attractive actors. Suffering for my art, as usual! You can view the fruits of my labor here, if you like: http://thefoxlist.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-fox-list-2013.html

    All in all it’s been a pretty good day, though! I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day, possibly because I associate it more with eating chocolate than romance. Plus it was a good excuse to wear my purple cat cardigan (not that I need one)!

  6. Today, as is tradition every year, I am thankful for not being born on this twisted-ass holiday like I was supposed to be. So much sympathy for anyone with a birthday on Valentines. I imagine the only thing that could be worse is having your birthday on *shudder* St. Patrick’s Day.

  7. i’m finally over my mardi gras hangover. and tonight i’m dressing up as courtney love and playing a cover show! and hopefully kissing on a cute dude that i’ve been hanging with. with enough booze, both things should go either wonderfully or horribly, so we’ll see!

  8. my stupid post-cold-cough-of-indeterminate-duration (medical term) came back after it seemed like it was finally going away.

    my dumb band got nominated for a fairly prominent bay area music #blog ‘s artist of the month poll, and are currently in third place, which sounds about right.

    i recently learned that lsd and the search for god still exist, and am dragging my indifferent guitarist to see them this weekend.

    i am nearing completion of my first (hopefully) paid design work, am am very excited.

    i have no valentine’s plans to speak of.

  9. I’m on vacation! Vacation apparently means sitting around in sweatpants watching reruns of King Of Queens on TBS. It also means eating EVERYTHING I CAN, hence the sweatpants and shows which are not as very funny as advertised.

  10. I got called out for not wearing red. Is that a thing? Also, I do not own anything red because I am a ginger and it just doesn’t work.

    I am going to go home and consume a bottle of wine and watch Zombieland. It’ll be great.

  11. Let’s seeeeeee, I worked all day and it was kind of a weird work day! Kind of like a warm-weather Friday in everyone’s work attitudes. Quite a nice break from all the normal getting-stuff-doniness of our normal office.

    And now I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight! Maybe trying to find some restaurant that we can sneak into very early because we don’t have any reservations? Or maybe seeing some comedy in the NC Comedy Arts Festival? Or maybe going for some romantic walk? Or maybe just falling asleep? There is literally no way to tell what will happen.

  12. I called in sick today, because jet lag and martinis don’t mix. I bought some cupcakes for valentine’s day dessert. (chocolate raspberry and chocolate dipped red velvet). And Mr. Wicway sent me a dozen red roses and 6 calla lilies (because he is the best!) Not a bad day at all.

  13. Good day, but i am sleepy because i stayed up late last night (support local music even when it hurts, people!)

  14. Pretty uneventful, other than the five minutes or so that I fell asleep in my office while listening to the Smiths (it wasn’t their fault). I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night (which isn’t unusual), but where I am usually able to go back to sleep right away, lately I’ve been starting to stress about work, which makes it very hard to go back to sleep. Of course now I’m in a cycle where I can’t not think about work when I wake up, which just makes it worse. I’m very much looking forward to drinking myself to sleep tomorrow night.

  15. I threw a sandwich at my work laptop, simultaneously violating my username and ruining a perfectly good sandwich.

  16. Sad Valentines for me, not because I am tragically single (there is no such thing), but because I woke up this morning, ready and excited for my weekly 6:30AM Bob Ross Challenge. I took a shower, made some coffee, settled in at 6:28 all ready to be soothed and delighted. Then the stupid Katie Brown Workshop started playing! Bob Ross is no longer on at 6:30AM on Thursdays! I don’t know when he’s on! There’s no more reason to be awake on Thursday mornings! No more happy little squirrels. No more happy little flanny.

  17. Latest (last, I promise!) update on the Gobble’s broken face news: I got to take the splint off my nose today, and the doctor says it looks pretty good. But there is a bumpy little scar and the cartilage is just slightly messed up. Just in time for Valentine’s day!
    But a couple of dudes have sort of pity hit on me in the last couple of days; one babe really politely stopped me in the street to say that I was really cute and he was sorry because ‘that looks like it hurt’. It was strange. So maybe I’ll end up missing the damn thing?

  18. I just used the bathroom here and someone installed the toilet paper backwards so it was hard to work it out of the metal box on the wall. I couldn’t flip the roll around because the box was locked. Seriously? Are they afraid someone who works here is a toilet paper thief? Was toilet paper theft common in olden times, and that’s why it’s all kept under lock and key now? Sheesh.

    It’s basically been a week of that kind of stuff.

  19. I start my internship this week and I’m really excited/nervous to be getting back to work. Plus, my cat Fry is asleep on my lap and he’s dreaming and twitching in his sleep and it’s super cute. He is also snoring.

  20. Found a couple embarrassing bugs in the product (again), had to sit through a 2 hour “all hands” meeting, but one that was surprisingly informative and suggests that we might start doing things right, and now I have to leave work to go to other work (but we celebrated last night so that’s fine) before heading out for drinks with 2nd job co-workers.

    Only one more work day before a friend’s wedding on Saturday at which there will be Seriously Top Notch Food (Chicagogum: Uncommon Ground) and a Universal Life Church wedding officiant. So things are looking up?

  21. Tuesday night, about fifteen minutes after I signed out of work for the day, I got a call from my staffing agency letting me know that the project was over. This is normal and expected, but I’m still really bummed because it was supposed to go until April and now I don’t know if I’ll be able to find another gig before I get busy with book stuff. I don’t know, guys. I’m realizing now that after a long and expensive education, I’m actually committed to a writing career that may never take off. It’s depressing and scary as hell, and not at all in an exhilarating way. It doesn’t help that I filed my taxes last week and saw the rather pathetic picture painted by my Schedule C (which, if you guys were holding your breath, is the answer to the tax question I asked in the last thread).

    On the bright side, unemployment is nice, other than the not getting paid part. I took Duke on two long walks yesterday and went to a reading (for The Love Song of Teddy Valentine – a book I won in a Goodreads giveaway and ended up buying anyway because it hasn’t shipped yet). I have a deadline next week, so the timing is not the worst.

    I also have more time to read now. I started rereading Jane Eyre this week, if you can call it rereading – I read it the first time in 5th or 6th grade. To learn vocabulary, because that was basically my childhood. I’d forgotten many of the salient parts of the novel. The unfortunate business with Bertha, for example. And as long as I’m talking Bookgum, I really enjoyed Tenth of December, which I know many of you have read in the last few weeks.

    As for Valentine’s Day plans – my fiance is working late, so we might get a drink around 11. Until then, just unemployed, hanging with dog.

    • I actually stopped reading Tenth of December because I didn’t want it to end. (I’ll probably finish it this weekend.)

      • I did the same thing. I was planning to read it all at once, but I ended up reading it over a few nights. What’s your favorite story so far? I really loved them all, but I think Escape From Spiderhead is my favorite. Or maybe Al Roosten.

    • Oh, I’m so happy you’re rereading Jane Eyre. I love it so much. When you are done, you should watch the excellent BBC miniseries from 2006 starring Maggie Smith’s son (!) as Rochester and Ruth Wilson.

    • Is it creepy to ask for your Goodreads name? I’m on that site way more than I should be. Agreement that the giveaway books ship super, super slowly.

      Also, I’m sorry to hear about the project ending, but you seem to have a good bunch of fun things (writing! dog walks! reading!) to look forward to. I was unemployed last year for a bit, and then underemployed for the rest of the year, and so I know how weird/nice it is to have more time than you have money.

  22. Today was great because I got to do the toddler and baby storytimes at work, and it was pretty much a Valentine’s Day fashion show. So many hearts! So cute! I’ve been talking about Valentine’s Day and love with different groups of kids this week, and I realized working with little kids makes me like Valentine’s Day a lot more. They are so excited to get treats, and equally as excited to give them to their friends. It’s so nice. I was asking a preschool group yesterday what they were bringing to school for Valentine’s Day, and one little boy thought about it for a while and said, “A DINOSAUR!” So great.

    Also, I read Tenth of December, and I loved it. I am telling everyone at work to read it so we can talk about it .

    • I thought it was very good, and then the last story was perfect. I didn’t love Escape from Spiderhead and Semplica Girl Diaries, but that’s probably just a matter of taste, since those were the more heavily gimmicked out speculative stories. My favorite thing about the collection was that it answered the question, “Seriously, who does that?” in thoughtful, compassionate ways. I tend to disconnect pretty fast from people who do things like steal parking spaces or whatever, and Saunders got a lot of material out of portraying petty, flawed, and reckless people in nonjudgmental ways.

      I’m going to read Sorry Please Thank You by Charles Yu next – I’ve heard him read, and Tenth of December reminded me of some of his stuff.

      • Agreed. I was trying to tell one of my coworkers why I liked it so much, and I think it’s because all of the characters, no matter what fantastical circumstances they are in, are realistic. I found myself relating to characters that if they were real people, I would think we had hardly anything in common. I think the story Puppy is a great example of that, and seeing how the ladies inner monologue was sometimes in contrast with their actions was really powerful. I really liked Escape From Spiderhead, but I love stories like that. The last story made me tear up, as did Al Roosten.

        I just requested a collection that has a Charles Yu story in it- thanks for the recommendation! I checked out My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead today, which is a collection of love stories so I can reread it. It is a really well-chosen collection.


      …I also need to pay my library fines.

  23. Not a very productive day but a good one so far. I decided to put work that needed to be done aside, and instead I “made” some valentine’s day cards for the girl I’m seeing today (We have been dating for a month or so). I just took some Ryan Gosling and Mario Balotelli pics from the net and worked my way with Ms Paint (I know, pretty impressive right).

    Fortunately, some people in the office noticed that I was not doing the best job with the cards and decided to help me. It was weird because I work at a law firm where apparently any type of communication between co-workers is not encouraged.

    It was nice to receive help from people I never thought would care.

  24. All week I’ve been thinking it’s a day later than it actually is. Today feels so much like a Friday, which is doubly frustrating because I’m really looking forward to this weekend. 1- My mom will be visiting, 2- Sunday is my birthday and 3- I have Monday off!

  25. I got champagne and chocolate covered strawberries chilling in the fridge, a gift a bought myself on waiting on my coffee table (spoiler alert: it’s the perfect bracelet from Banana Republic!) and a ticket to Die Hard 5 for tonight, so this day is just an hour away from getting AWESOME. Happy Valentine’s Day, monsters! Much more importantly, Happy Die Hard Day!

  26. I work 3-10 now which means i miss all the chatting :( , but i’ve only been awake for 1.5 hours and i don’t hate everyone yet so that is a good sign. I’m still debating over whether to see die hard tonight on my own.

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  28. Today has been weird. My cousin (who was also my co-worker before I got the new job) lost her mother-in-law today and my housemate’s dog died. So, like, I’m not personally affected by these things too much, but people in my life that I care about are having really shitty days so that’s a bummer. Plus, the weather is awful. So I am going to watch the Thursday night comedies and then maybe Bridget Jones and then go to bed.

  29. I was so excited to see Die Hard 5, but it was only playing in IMAX for 20$ so we went to dinner and beers instead. Very satisfying Valentine’s day! But most importantly, I had broken up with the guy I was seeing on the weekend and today I got a text from a friend who had run into my crush and got to talking and he said he is interested in me and I’m going out with him (and a bunch of other people) tomorrow and I’m soooo excited to have all of his gigantic Viking babies!!!

  30. Also, I just had a really great poop and when I was done and all proud of myself, Catticus barged into the bathroom, sat in his box, and pooped out his entire body weight, all while maintaining perfect unblinking eye contact with me. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION, CATTICUS.

  31. I’m still recovering from the Journey concert I went to earlier in the week. That darn Arnel was so tiny and cute, I could have taken him home in my pocket. #pocketboy

  32. Yesterday was okay up to a point. Everyone liked the cupcakes and the new guy was very appreciative of the special cupcake. Everyone in my family liked the sugary presents I got them.

    Night class was awful, and not only because I was stuck in a hot classroom on Valentine’s Day.

    The professor constantly goes off on tangent upon tangent, so last night I just spent the 3 hours doodling woodland creatures into my notebook. THEN when I brought up the theory that the hometown of the next potential pope may determine the direction the Catholic Church may take in the future, especially concerning contraception, abortion, and gay marriage in the world, he shot me down, saying abortion and birth control are first-world problems. Then he refuted the idea that greater access to contraception in the world, especially in Africa and Latin America, can reduce poverty. Well, if a family can’t afford to feed another mouth, maybe we can pray the problem away, professor? Maybe we can feed the babies to lions then? Everybody’s scooping up kids in orphanages right?

    Oh, then I said there are parts of the world that aren’t aware that cigarette smoking causes cancer. It’s true. There are NGOs going around to 3rd world countries (incidentally places where cigarettes are practically currency) where people have absolutely no clue about cigarettes and cancer, especially in places with very little or no access to hospitals or western medicine. He did not believe that there are people on this earth who simply did not know. You can’t say everyone knows.

    I would understand it if the professor was like I disagree with you and here are some facts to back me up or if he pulled one of those crappy “let’s agree to disagree” things, but he was just like Nope. I don’t believe that.

    There was a point that a couple of us just walked out of the room because we just couldn’t take it.

    This class makes me regret choosing a masters in communications. I should have taken an $80,000 loan and gotten into a better school and did something related to my undergrad courses.

    Then I went home and had a heart-shaped donut.

    • Those academic types are often haughty and condescending. Their world is actually very small, and as enlightened as they like to think they are, disagreeing with them doesn’t bode well. I think a lot of it is simply a power trip. They constantly have people fawning at their feet and blindly subscribing to their every word. When that doesn’t happen, their fragile egos can’t take it. Sorry you had to experience that, k. I’m sure I wouldn’t have done well last night either. It pisses me off just hearing about it.

      • Thanks. You are right. There are tons of students the professor already knows and I’ve never heard them say anything that wasn’t some form of agreement. You know, now that I think about it, he hasn’t bothered to have us introduce ourselves either. He only knows the names of said students from former classes. I’m just going to sit there quietly from now on and doodle more squirrels and orchards in some artistic form of self-preservational venting.

        It really bugs me because I am a good student, and I love to read and learn, but this class is like the academic version of corn syrup. Also the school is lower tier, and I’m only here because I can afford it without taking loans. Damn you, recession!

      • In support of “their world is very small” — last weekend I was talking to a friend of mine who is an academic and he was complaining about a colleague who kept making declarations about the life and thoughts of the “average American” that were based on “everyone I talk to.” Her assessments of America were wildly inaccurate and eventually he cut her off by asking, “In the past 30 years, have you talked to anyone who doesn’t have a PhD and/or live in New York City?” She was stunned. Then, in her defense, she offered an in-law who only has two Masters degrees in Chicago. So.

  33. I had a pretty great birthday and Valentine’s day…Someone decorated my cube at work (I still have no idea who did it!) and my friend at work got me a really nice gift and I went to lunch with my boss for delicious pizza and then I left work early to get home and celebrate with Mr. Truck. He LOVED his valentine’s day gifts which I was SOOOO excited about. Then we went to dinner and that was great. Today will be pretty easy and then I have a 3 day weekend that includes my birthday party with my friends! Then next week I’m going to Cancun!!!!!

  34. We took a two-year-old boy to see Disney on Ice. You look at the look on his face and you forget all the cynical, snarky, bitter, smart-ass thought you ever had. He stood for two hours, dancing and laughing. I am making a check out to “Cash” and giving it to Walt Disney’s frozen head. He can fill in the amount when he gets hands again.

    • smaky–Those last two sentences are the funniest ones I’ve read on here in a long time. I nominate them for this week’s Ball.

    • While I appreciate it that you made a 2 yr old’s day I’m wondering if you just scooped up and took some random kid to the Icecapades.

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