First and foremost, congratulations to the Hollywood Reporter today for having all of the hottest SCOOPS. First the luxurious Dolby Theater V.I.P. Lounge and now a story in which Hugh Jackman admits that self-help wizard/con-man Tony Robbins suggested that he split his personality into two alter-egos named FRANK and CHARLES in order to deal with on-set anxiety and Hugh Jackman TOOK THAT ADVICE?! From the HollywoodReporter (via FilmDrunk):

[Tony] Robbins suggested the strapping 6-foot-3 superstar name the secure and insecure sides of his personality. “Frank was the more confident, and Charles was the other,” says Jackman. “I always thought strength came from getting rid of that fear,” he adds. “And Tony said: ‘Charles is your sensitivity. Charles makes you question. Charles makes you work harder. When you walk on set, thank Charles for everything.’ ” He pauses. “Tony really transformed my life.”

Sasha FIERCEST? Guys, look, life is fucking hard, man. I mean, it can be harder than it usually is. Most of us start saying that life is hard the second they run out of our preferred flavor of Kashi at the grocery store. That’s tough but it’s not, you know, working 18-hour-days mopping up the Diarrhea Factory with a mop you had to pay for yourself with a month’s salary before walking four miles home to the rock you sleep on top of with 17 relatives. The point is, though, pain is relative and we’re all just doing the best we can to make it through the day, even Hugh “Broadway’s Wolverine” “Pee Pants” “Three Nicknames” Jackman. So if a man with some kind of pituitary disorder it seems like gives you some hair-brained advice about naming your confidence FRANK and your insecurities CHARLES and giving a moment of quiet thanks to CHARLES for all that HE has done for YOU AND FRANK when you are taking a break between scenes on the set of your Lipton Iced Tea commercial for the Japanese market, and that works for you, that’s genuinely great. We should all be so lucky as to find something that works for us. But you, like Al Roker and the time he pooped himself in the White House when no one else was looking, are allowed to keep it to yourself. I’m just saying. That’s one of your options.

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  1. He pauses. “Tony really transformed my life.”

    I’m going to give Jackman the benefit of the doubt and consider that maybe he meant that after this advice, he was going to stop listening to snake oil salespeople… which is a real shame because we had a 3:30 today and I could really use some Hollywood names to along with my hot new product that cures backaches, bloating, anxiety and depression.

  2. Pictured: Frank and Charles

  3. It’s cool. When you’re a sane person, it’s just normal to publicly admit you’ve named your split personalities.

  4. You guys…I still really, unabashedly love Hugh Jackman. SORRY.

    • Valentines Day is the day when you can admit to loving something weird without everyone judging you. Love is love, man. You can’t control it.

    • YES everything I read about him is really great, except on VG where he is the peepee guy. (Not that I mind this characterization, but until I finally read the full story I assumed he just got drunk in public and peed himself and that, apparently, is not Hugh Jackman.)

      • Yes! My friend (who actually introduced me to VG) was always going on an on about how he peed in his pants and I was like, “Yes, but HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ABS?” Also, he seems like a very nice man?

  5. Urine a zone today, Gabe!

  6. I think I’m going to name my regular personality and my PMS personality: Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon

  7. Let us not forget Fergie!

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