There’s something about watching an entire video of an adorable little kid teaching you how to make vegan cupcakes when you have absolutely no intention of making them that doesn’t feel EXACTLY correct, but who are you? The time-spending police? IT’S VALENTINES DAY! Listen to this song! Watch this video, too, but that one’s probably going to make you cry! I hope someone at work brought in Dunkin’ Donut heart donuts for you! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. It’s no heart donut, but my toilet is fixed, so valentine’s miracles do exist!

  2. Is “inhabitat” our generation’s “irregardless”?

  3. Today they did bring in Dunkin’ Donut heart donuts and had a table right by the door!!!! It was hard to walk past without taking one but I’m pretty sure tonight I’m going to eat my weight in steak/cheese/delicious sides/BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!

  4. I can’t understand her!

  5. I bought my co-workers pink and white cupcakes today for Valentine’s, but I was worried I would have to make a special trip to a vegan bakery to get the new guy one as well (it sucks to be the only person to get nothing). Turns out Whole Foods sells individual vegan cupcakes (they don’t sell multiples) in a secret spot, so his may look weird but he won’t go home empty-handed. I mean, imagine he got nothing from on Valentine’s Day. He’d might as well change his name to Ralph Wiggum.

    This is how I feel about all this:

  6. I’m pretty sure that my heart has exploded from too much adorableness today. Between this and the toddlers at work this morning, I have overdosed on cute. I got a valentine from a toddler that was just a sheet of paper with tons of foam heart stickers on it and one flower. The little boy who made it made sure to point out the flower to me, and he was so proud of his creation! It was so sweet, and now it’s hanging in my office.

  7. “People who eat too much salt can die, right?” I have some bad news for you, adorable tiny James McAvoy.


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