In ancient times, rulers would line the city walls and the approaching roads with the severed heads and impaled bodies of their enemies as a warning to those who would try and attack the throne. (I literally do not know whether this is true or not. I mean, it sounds true? I feel like they def do that in Game of Thrones and also Gladiator, and those are both documentaries?) This blog post is nothing as gruesome as all of that, but it is still a powerful reminder to the teenagers of the world that you do not HAVE to press “send” just because you’ve made a video of yourself. Sleep on it. For five years. Show it to another human being and ask them “y/n?” Often times you will discover that the answer is “n.” Live to fight another day. Do not fall on your own braces, Braveheart1998. (Thanks for the tip, Megan.)

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  1. Tina Majorino’s hair looks great!

  2. On the other hand, if she’s having fun and doesn’t give a shit, then good for her!

  3. wow seriously nichole337

  4. Considering that in the fifth grade my friend and I tape-recorded ourselves singing along to the entire Jagged Little Pill album, I can’t hate. Because if there had been a CassetteTube you’d better believe we would have put it on there. Keep on keepin’ on, Nichole337!

  5. In her defense, it’s not like the original song is fucking anything to write home about.

  6. This is the first and last time I heard a Taylor Swift song. No joke. I would’ve been happier if you had introduced me to a present-day Darla and Taylor Swift video.

  7. JOE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I like this girl’s attitude. There are no second takes in life, so why should there be in a youtube video?

  9. She’s cute, funny, and not takin herself too seriously.

    Pick on someone your own size.

  10. Is this just an orthodontist ad

  11. When I was in elementary/middle school, my neighbor, sister, and I used to tape ourselves singing the Spice Girls all the time. We’d print out the lyrics, assign parts, and then record it. We also had elaborate choreography. So I guess what I’m saying is this girl is us if Youtube had been around in the late 90s. And I am glad to see I am not the only one who changes the lyrics to reflect what’s going on around me.

  12. Honestly is this that much worse than the original? I think Nichole should open the 2014 Grammys as long as she promises to make 2 things happen. 1) Remember to remove the rubberbands and 2) you have to bring the dog!

  13. She’s a cute kid having a good time – I don’t see the problem. (Plus she has a dog named “Chewy” as a backup singer!) :)

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