Grantland wrote about spending thirty-six hours on the road with Dan Harmon, while he traveled around for his Harmontown podcast tour, and it is worth reading! (Even though thirty-six hours with Dan Harmon might not sound super fun!) (For some of you!)

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  1. I love Community and (full disclosure: didn’t have time to read the whole article…it’s really long) generally think Dan Harmon has got to be brilliant to have created it, but he always rubs me the wrong way…probably for frequently reminding me how brilliant he probably is (he has Kurt Sutter disease) but also for simultaneously “not wanting to be part of a club that would have him as a member” and continually biting the hand that feeds him by acting like he’s above television and yet still trying to be successful in this business. Not to mention that NBC doesn’t like him so he’s taking his work to CBS? In what comedy progression world does that make sense? That’s like saying “I’m too liberal for CNN so I’m going to go try to work at FOX News.”
    Anyway, he probably is brilliant and probably will continue to make great art, but he’s one more argument against over-exposure of showrunners (and other behind-the-scenes/creative people) through twitter and this kind of story.

    • Yeah, that whole block quote of rambling about how smarter television isn’t any more truth because it’s like, the man is making money….duh?

      Duh Dan Harmon. TV was created as a corporate medium. Paychecks come from places. Duh.

      • Yeah, I was just coming back here to quote parts of that. It’s amazing, he’s simultaneously comparing himself to some of the best comedies in recent years and saying it’s shit at the same time. dammit…I can’t resist: “And the idea that my garbage, y’know, needed a better time slot or deserved an Emmy or didn’t deserve an Emmy, the idea that it was better or worse than 30 Rock or Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks and all that shit — you only have to take a couple steps back before you realize that you’re looking at a bunch of goddamn baby food made out of corn syrup.” And then he insults us for liking it!

  2. 36 hours with Dan Harmon sounds, for me like a nightmare. 36 hours with Dan Harmon sounds, for his girlfriend, like serious emotional abuse.

    -3 stars, would not learn about Dan Harmon again.

    • Ooooof, 36 hours with Dan Harmon sounds like the worst possible outcome of a bender. Like you wake up shaking on the 37th hour and thing “Oh my god I can’t believe I fucked up bad enough to hang out with Dan Harmon for 36 hours nonstop.”

      To be fair, though, I’d feel the same exact way about hanging out with Ernest Hemingway.

      • I think the one thing worse than spending 36 hours with Dan Harmon is spending 36 hours with Dan Harmon and the man who PUT FOOTNOTES in the article about hanging out with Dan Harmon. I can’t even tell you how much I hate the practice of using footnotes to seem intellectual and subversive. I can’t even.

  3. dan harmon has been alive for too long to still be confused about his all-consuming self obsession.
    instead of cultivating an insane cult of personality, why not try some volunteer work?

  4. I won’t read the article because that guy gets on my nerves, but I am very resentful that I am now imagining what 36 hours with Dan Harmon would smell like.

  5. Ew, “Who was your Dan Harmon?” Who wrote that article, James Lipton?
    Can I nominate “Who was your ______?” to be our generation’s “Where do you get your ideas?”

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