I know it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet, and I’m sure you’re not even wearing the lighted heart broach you bought to wear to the office (though you should be, because you might as well get a few days of use out of that thing + it is great) but this video from cdza, featuring four couples from New York City’s Brookdale Senior Living center sharing the stories of their love with the sounds of their wedding songs, was just TOO SWEET TO RESIST! Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel of pain! Maybe we can find love and happiness forever! Maybe when we’re old we’ll be in a m00nEYEVid (future form of video that plays across our eyeballs when we live on the moon) talking about the love of our lives! “I knew I would love him for the rest of my life when I saw that he was the first person on my feed to make a tweet about Marco Rubio’s water bottle. I just knew he’d keep me informed about little nothings the fastest forever.” – You, in the future? (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. The first guy’s eye patch is bad ass. OMG Peter and Kenneth, I want to hang out with them!

  2. Jesus Mary and Joseph, it is fucking DUSTY in here right now.

  3. Kelly, I’m not a big fan of your coded right wing agenda in the order of the tags on this post.

  4. Can we share our old people love stories please? My grandpa dropped out of school to work when he was really young, and had a job delivering groceries at a store that was around the corner from my grandma’s high school. He would use his delivery truck to pick up all the ladies on weekends and take them to dances, but my grandma’s mom would never let her go because my grandpa was native and she thought he was Trouble and wanted my grandma to date nice white boys. My grandma would always try to sneak out, and her mom would always catch her… And every time she saw him making deliveries around the school she would tell her friends “That’s the man I’m going to marry some day.” but he had never seen her and had no idea who she was. Then, one day she was walking home from school and he spotted her, and pulled over to offer her a ride because she was the most beauitful girl he’d ever seen. Her mom threw a fit when she saw them drive up together, but they were married the next year and spent 65 happy years together until my grandma passed away in 2011.

    • sweet story but high school age people falling in love sounds like a young people love story

      i thought it was going to be about people falling in love when they were in their eighties and both in comas

    • I love it, fatima!!!
      My grandparents have been married over 60 years and they’re two beautiful people who obviously still love each other very much. I don’t know much about their meeting and falling in love, just that they have a wonderful life together. Some time about (several years but still after they were fairly old) I was hanging out with them and my grandfather was sitting in his chair and my grandmother bent over to talk to him or something and she was leaning on the arms of the chair and he reached up and pulled the string on her mumuu thing and checked out her boobs. And she screamed and laughed and he laughed and was like, “I gotta take a look when I get a chance!” and it was so freaking adorable.

    • This is making me wistful and sad because I’m realizing I don’t know how any of my grandparents met and now they are all deceased, so maybe I’ll never know.

      I do know that my parents were set up on a sort of blind date. My mom’s roommate was my dad’s brother’s girlfriend (now wife), and my uncle and aunt took my mom and dad on a ski weekend. This is hilarious because when has my mother ever skiied? My dad passed away when I was little, and my mom doesn’t talk about him much, but a couple of years ago she was talking about seeing him for the first time, standing with my uncle on the front porch. I think maybe she had never met my uncle before, so she didn’t know which one was her date, but when she found out, she was like, ‘Thank goodness, because he was the one I thought was cute!”

    • My Grandpa was was a poor farm boy who’d just gotten back from the Army and was out with some boys at a dance when he spied my grandmother across the room. He wanted to go talk to her, but one of his friends said that she was only into men who knew how to play music. So, he took up the ukelele and, a month later, went to her front door and played this song, “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?”, for her. She had no idea who he was, but was charmed enough to go on a date with him, and he enjoyed the ukelele enough to become a music teacher. Over the next sixty years, I suppose he taught hundreds of kids to play music, including my brothers and sisters, and he always started by teaching them to play “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?” My brother played it at his wedding last May, and he and my Grandma danced to it, and then asked if we could play it again, and they danced again. He passed away just a few weeks later, and he’d taught enough of us grandchildren to play music that we put together a decent band to play the song for his funeral, though we sobbed all the way through it.

    • This thread is so great.

      The story in my family is that none of us would be here if a certain woman hadn’t gotten a perm. This woman was dating my grandpa at the time, and he dumped her and married my grandma instead. Apparently getting a perm in Korea in the ’50s was like getting a mohawk today. Fine decision, but not for everyone.

  5. My mom and dad had dated for a while in Scranton, and then mom went to work as a nurse in NYC while dad was in law school in Philly. He decided he wanted to visit her but he was broke, so he SOLD his BOOKS to finance the trip! Who needs textbooks. Somehow he still graduated.

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