Yep. All good! Alive and well. (Via OHYST.)

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  1. That is one creepy panda.

  2. She tripped because she just realized the panda-monium.

  3. I appreciate that that panda shares an instinct with humans to laugh immediately after someone falls and then has to catch himself and make sure she’s okay before laughing.

  4. Slow commenting day on videogum. I don’t have much to say either. Just “Hi” everybody!

  5. Whoa, you guyz! It has been an hour and a half without a new post. I hope G, K, and M are all alright.

  6. Q: What’s black and white and black and white and black and white?
    A: A panda doing somersaults.

    Q: What’s black and white and red all over?
    A: A sunburned panda.

    Q: What’s black and white and creepy enough to make you trip over your own feet trying to run away?
    A: A Russian guy in a panda suit

  7. I just choked on my lunch. This was delightful and totally worth it.

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