And Christopher McDonald, of course! So sorry to not include you in the title, Christopher McDonald, as you too are clearly going bananas over Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring while at this basketball game. I’d also like to extend my apologies to Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor who, although they were also in attendance and presumably going banans over Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring, are not included in this image due to being seated on the other side of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. Also I’d like to apologize to the ring itself, which is not clearly presented in the image and stupid huge. Now that I’ve completed the apology portion of the post, WHY DON’T YOU CAPTION THE IMAGE?

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, and their very own engagement to Jason Sudeikis. (Image via Buzzfeed.) (Second thing is a lie.)

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  1. “Big!”

  2. Come on! They’re not even watching the game!

  3. Tom Hanks now starring in The De Beers Code.

  4. I’m way too distracted on how much he looks like Jim from The Office to caption. (In fact, I’m still eyeing the pic suspiciously)

  5. I know there’s probably a ring in that picture and a bunch of people making a fuss over it, but seriously, the only thing I see is SHOOTER MCGAVIN being his usual awesome self.

  6. I don’t know if there’s video associated with this pic, but I’m pretty sure Tom Hanks is doing this:

  7. Are you SURE they’re at a basketball game and not just avoiding eye contact at a Chet Haze show?

  8. Looks like the ring really made a big Splash.

  9. “nice ring!”
    “T. Hanks!”

    I’ll show myself out.

  10. Wait till he finds out Chet Haze lost his iPad … oh wait, he found it in his dorm room, never mind, false alarm

  11. “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast” – Shooter McGavin to this puny pathetic little ring.

  12. It actually looks like Tom’s doing more of a “Wait a minute, let me put my cheaters on” kind of thing here.

  13. Wow, you must have made a wish on Zoltar, because that thing is BIG! I wish Private Ryan had been that sparkly so we could have found him faster!


  15. Olivia Wilde’s ex-husband is possibly the coolest guy in the world, so I cannot give this union my blessing. I’m so sorry to everyone involved.

  16. ust before I saw the bank draft of $5775, I be certain that…my… friends brother was like they say trully receiving money in their spare time online.. there moms best frend has done this 4 less than twenty months and resantly repaid the loans on there house and bourt a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz S-class. I went here……… BIT40.ℂOℳ

  17. gimme some of that applebeezzzz money

  18. “But I want to marry Jason Sudeikis…” librariansti whispered quietly to herself.

    • I too want to marry Jason Sudeikis and feel like this whole “engaged to Olivia Wilde” thing is placing yet another obstacle between me and my goal. Well, we must all persevere, despite the challenges life throw our way.

    • And I want to marry Benedict Cumberbatch, but my current husband and Gobblegirl are standing in my way…

      • Why must everyone thwart us? The idea of ever meeting His Cumberbatchness fills me with all kinds of fangirl terror, but I think I could manage to be charming towards Sudeikis and he would fall in love with me.

      • EXCUSE ME CUMBERBATCH IS MINE, GET AWAY GOBBLEGIRL AND ARTDORK. (No one will read this, but I don’t care, I have to stake my claim.)

  19. Is this a remake of The Birdcage?

  20. “That ring is making MY vagina come back to life!”

  21. Christopher McDonald eats pieces of shit like you for breakfast

  22. If his taste in shoes in any indication, I bet the ring J-Suds picked out is hideous.

  23. Ever since he’s gotten that moustache he’s been practicing his inevitable role as ‘TV dad’.

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