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  • 8 year-old Boy Scolds Disney, Upset Over Lack Of Cool Princes On Cruise -HyperVocal
  • Preview Issue #2 Of The Django Unchained Comic, Based On Tarantino’s Original Script -/Film
  • Watch Bill Murray feed his golf divot to an enthusiastic fan. Yum yum, Bill Murray’s divot! -ClipNation
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  1. I like that at least the little Disney boy admitted that he complained “a lot.” The squeaky wheel gets the grease, kid.

  2. When is Bob’s Burgers season 2 gonna come out on DVD?

  3. I assume there’s an implicit agreement to just not talk about those Stodden photos. I will honor that agreement. What Stodden photos?

  4. I have seen the Mr. T fashion show before, but I am watching it again right now because oh man, it is the best. I love the crazy amount of chains Mr. T has on, and his descriptions of their outfits is just fantastic. He compares a girl’s outfits to ice cream and hot dogs! Also, I really loved the Bob’s Burgers video, and i’M excited there will be more covers!

    • I had the pleasure of hunting down a copy of Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool and it changed my life

      especially the part where a kid learns about peer pressure on a pier while a boy group sings a song called peer pressure and the rest of the kids get physically ill from a few sips of beer

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