Money money money money, mon-ay! If there’s one thing nearly as good as having a ton of money, and there isn’t, but if there WERE one thing nearly as good as having a ton of money, it would be talking about other people who have a ton of money. (But as we already established, there is nothing nearly as good as having a ton of money, so the fact that talking about other people who do have a ton of money doesn’t even come close is a moot point, so be quiet.) How much money do you make? Is it more or less than you made when you were a toddler? Who are your parents? How much money do they have? How do all of your answers compare to this REAL NEWS blurb from TMZ, via Celebitchy?:

4-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt has already scored her first paying gig … and TMZ has learned she’s raking in a helluva lot more than you made on your paper route back in the day.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter is set to co-star with her mom in a movie called “Maleficent” — and according to a minor’s contract filed with the court, little Viv commands $3,000/week!

On top of that … she gets a per diem of $60/day. That’s a lot of juice boxes.

FUN FACT — Vivienne plays the role of “Young Aurora” — but another little actress, India Eisley, scored the role of young Maleficent … Angelina’s character in the movie.

THAT’S A LOT OF JUICE BOXES + A VERY FUN FACT! Sweet little Viv. I bet she has a great time playing with her play-pretend $3,000 baby checks in her mid-sized Doll Home where the dolls are actually just down-on-their-luck humans and the home is actually a real home, if you didn’t get that from what I said first. “Mommy, my money fire is out of money.” “Oh sweet baby, here are a few more of your checks, have one of your dolls throw these on.” “Thanks, mommy!” (Her family has a lot of money.) (But at least we have happiness and normal lives away from the all-consuming spotlight of celebrity culture.) (#youngmoney) (Goodnight!)

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  1. Has no one commented on this because you’re all to busy crying about how poor you are? Wiping your nose on your sleeve because you can’t afford tissues and you have to conserve toilet paper? I was crying too, but I pulled myself together. We can get through this together, guys.

  2. My dog is napping between me and my laptop right now, sleep-breathing into my elbow. My fiance and I are resigned to the fact that he’ll never amount to much, but maybe someone will pay him to be cute publicly. Can someone get me the number for this baby’s agent?

  3. That Makes A Lot Of MalefiCENTS! -Entertainment Weekly

  4. More Grands!

  5. “I SAID I WANTED AN ECTO-COOLER JUICE BOX!!!!!! NOT THIS WILDBERRY RUSH SHIT!!!!!! YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, in her trailer on the set of “Maleficent.”

  6. If TMZ thinks Vivienne drinks anything besides the sweet milk of life which she and she alone is given the honor of suckling from her mother’s perfect teat, than it’s even further removed from reality than I thought.

  7. I imagine this makes her the Angelica to the rest of the Jolie-Pitt kids’ rugrats…

  8. Thank goodness, the Sleeping Beauty remake we always wanted.

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