This is no less silly, interesting, or impressive than basically anything that happened at last weekend’s Grammy Awards. At least with this guy you know that it’s about the music and not the money. (Via TheAwesomer.)

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  1. That rhythm GOT ME. That was amazing!!!!

  2. Has he been doing this shtick continually for a quarter century now? Did he just decide to pick it back up again to show that he’s still got it? Did anyone know he had it in the first place? This video raises more questions than it answers.

  3. If anyone ever remade Downton Abbey as a telenovela this guy could play Bates. Maybe he could recreate this video in his prison scenes.

  4. pretty succinct representation of the “sensitive tough guy”

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  6. We should all be so lucky in life….

  7. The You Tube channel is definitely my valentine’s day gift….

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