The real question about this story in which Bruce Willis is awarded France’s highest cultural honor is WHAT TOOK FRANCE SO LONG?! From the HollywoodReporter:

While in Paris to promote the upcoming release of A Good Day to Die Hard, star Bruce Willis was presented with the highest culture award in France, the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, in an evening ceremony here. Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti said the medal was to honor his contribution to film over the past thirty years. “It is an honor, a real honor, to be here,” said Willis. “To get this very high honor for the commanders, I couldn’t be more pleased.”

It is an honor, a real honor, to get this high honor. (What is France’s SECOND highest cultural honor, by the way? Does anyone know? It’s probably such a stupid cultural honor, hardly even worth the silk ribbon it is printed on.) It’s good that France’s Culture Minister, Aurelie Filippetti pointed out the award was for film. I’m not saying that Bruce Willis doesn’t deserve France’s highest cultural honor for his contribution to blues music over the past 30 years, but he should at least get France’s highest cultural honor for film FIRST, and then maybe in a few years when they invent an even higher cultural honor they can award that to Bruce when he’s in town promoting the next Die Hard movie for his work in blues music. Everything in its place and time, guys. The world needs order. This is also a good quote:

Filippetti praised his famous Die Hard character as a “reluctant hero,” and cited his diverse body of work including Moonrise Kingdom, Pulp Fiction and Unbreakable. “He knows to sometimes leave his ‘tough guy’ costume and return to work with amazing filmmakers,” she said about his work with directors Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and M. Night Shayamalan.

One thing I have always said about Bruce Willis is that he has contributed a lot to blues music over the past 30 years knows to sometimes leave his ‘tough guy’ costume and return to work with amazing filmmakers. Like M. Night Shayamalan. (LOL No.)

Seriously, though, we are having some fun with this story mostly because Bruce Willis looks so pretty in his new medal and he used the word “honor” one too many times like an IDIOT, but the fact of the matter is Bruce Willis has been in a bunch of VERY DOPE movies and France is correct in recognizing that. Congratulations to both Bruce Willis and France. I now pronounce you Chuck and Country. (What?)

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  1. He’s no Gerard Depardieu getting his Russian citizenship, but he does look pretty happy with his whatever that is.

  2. “Number One from France!”

  3. France’s second highest honor is definitely the Jerry Lewis Award of Fromage!

  4. ahhhh, to be rich and delusional.

  5. Isn’t Bruce WIllis a republican? Shouldn’t he not go to France because something something rampant jingoism?

    That being said: I’m still seeing Die Hard 6, like, immediately.

  6. I think it’s great Bruce Willis got an award. He seems pretty awesome, and I doubt he’s ever invited to the Oscars. I don’t remember ever seeing him drinking at the Golden Globes either. Congratulations Bruce! No sarcasmo.

  7. Also, he definitely shed his “tough guy” costume for Pulp Fiction.

  8. I love the idea that somehow viewing a thing from far away makes it seem waaaay more interesting. It would be great is everything we think is mediocre or stupid was utterly profound to the French. “Ze Transformers, zey are robots from space, yes?”

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