“Before the guy who programmed this local news station zombie alert came into my life, I was just so boring! Go to work, come home, go to work. There was no whimsy, no excitement. I barely played any video games and if you had asked me the definition of ‘Internet meme’ I would’ve said, ‘Do you mean my cousin Mimi, on the Internet?’ If you’d asked me, ‘What’s an RPG,’ I probably would have said something like, ‘rocket propelled grenade.’ If you had asked me, ‘What’s reddit,’ I would have said, ‘Oh, I don’t know.’ But not anymore. Thanks to my boyfriend, my sweet angel, light of my life, guy who programmed this local news station zombie alert in Montana, I can say for sure, with my whole heart, that I am a better person. Or, I mean, I’m at least a person more focused on zombies and pranks and scaring people for my own amusement with cultural fad references that should’ve been dead long ago, but, like the zombies they are, just won’t seem to go away with some people! Which I think is the same thing as a good person? I’m not sure. All I know FOR SURE for sure is that I love my boyfriend. He is so good at pranks, ermahgerd!” – You

MyFoxDC reports that there were only four calls made to the police after the warning aired, but I think your BF would agree that four scared (DEFINITELY old) people is better than none. Man, your boyfriend! Very intense! (Via Mediaite.)

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  1. That Bullet for My Valentine commercial would suggest that this is no prank.

  2. It’s no Walking Dead recap, but this’ll do.

  3. It’s a little frightening guys! Not the zombies. I know how to take care of them from watching The Walking Dead. It scares me that people can hack into the TV and make us believe anything. “The CDC has declared a state of emergency because a new super virus has emerged. The only way to defeat it is for everyone to go out in the street and do the hokey pokey!!!”

  4. For Valentine’s Day I’ve planned the best gift ever for my boyfriend. I’m going to send him sexts all day and every hour send him a photo of myself wearing one fewer article of clothing, until right before he gets off work I’m down to just very small bra and panties. I’ll wait for him to get home, a steak on the grill that will be hot and ready to eat just as he walks in the door. Then as soon as he takes his first bite, I’m going to break up with him.


    • I’m worried that if we give up on zombies, vampires will reclaim the top spot again, and I just can’t handle that. I’ve never felt sure that we as a culture were fully over vampires, and fear that zombies are just a small blip. No more of either of those please! When will ghosts become the most popular supernatural fad? WHEN???? Their time is due!!

      • I think next will be lovecraftian horror (or sexy lovecraftian horror, depending on who is telling the story I guess), followed by human-eating mermaids , followed by killer hillbillies, followed by sexy wendigoes, followed by zombies again, then IRS agents, then ghosts/sexy ghosts.

        • When will it be time for sexy IRS agents? Do I have to wait until after ghosts?

        • Honestly, I am/was a huge zombie enthusiast until I saw a free screening of Warm Bodies, which in my opinion robbed the genre of any politically subversive message in favor of a reinforcing deeply misogynist twee heteronormativity and, once and for all, de-fanged (see what I did there) the sub-genre.

          Remember Dawn of the Dead and how it was an important statement on the flattening of affect in late-capitalist cultures? Remember Otto; or Up With Dead People, which used the undead as a metaphor for the alienation felt by homosexuals in heterosexist societies? No, me neither, forget it, I never even said anything.

          I am a huge horror fan, it’s pretty much all I watch anymore, and there’s something sad (totally expected, but still sad) in the way that important socio-poltical statements are eaten up (see what i did there) by meme culture.

          • I agree completely, Eric. I had (and am still) a huge fan of zombies (or rather zombie films and how different social fears and structures are explored though that medium), but they are suffering the same fate that vampires have in having whatever power and meaning they originally held be stripped for bland fad consumption. Which is the way of things, I guess, but is still a shame.

            At least we still have sexy ghosts.

          • Does it make you feel any better that people still want those more involved stories? That they are still being written somewhere? Like my friend who has enough connections to at least get a pitch meeting for a show and the script we are working on together is a zombie script where we are looking to actually have a point?

          • Okay, now I am weirded out that my buddy may have started the viral marketing for the show early, because it is set in Montana and this video is apparently from Montana.

        • I am so here for human-eating mermaids.

    • As long as Barnes & Noble has a teen paranormal romance section, we will never be safe.

      • I used to work at a B&N and when that section appeared, all of us were so embarrassed. Also, when the book Warm Bodies first came out we would take turns reading it to each other and crying with laughter.

        • I have a deep respect for booksellers. Is it just me or is everyone under the age of 45 (myself excluded) just there for the cafe cookies and Nook test-drives?

          I love scary supernatural stuff but Twilight turned them into the literary version of The Learning Channel. My Big Fat Gypsy Vampire Wedding sounds possible both ways.

          • It was my second job for a while, so a lot of the time I was also just there for the cookies. I was a very bad bookseller.

            I like a good haunted house period mystery, but well-written. Those are few and far between. I DO NOT like haunted house movies because I don’t like being startled. I have a very narrow focus.

          • I like thriller horror movies though I’m in the pro-suspense, anti-gore camp. Twist endings are great, like in “Sixth Sense.” I want to walk away not exactly sure I understood what I saw.

            I remember my favorite horror story was Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue.” I think I read that in 8th or 9th grade for funzies. Great stuff.

  6. I watched this without sound, but I’m assuming it was more than just a pancake commercial engineered to make me really hungry?

  7. Who has batteries anymore?

  8. This is pretty funny. I think they should have catered their prankstermergency message to something all Montanans (sp?) can relate to, such as rabid squirrel infestation and/or flesh eating antelope.

    Hide your cabins, hide your lumber, the Ents are coming back to take what is theirs!

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