Shhhh! Will Smith is taking a nap! Try not to wake him up. He’s had such a long day. Poor little guy. Probably worn out from all of that BALCONY FUN he was having with Kim and Kanye. (Can we also talk about how it is actually kind of boss to not go to the Grammys when you are nominated for Grammys and also how Kanye’s friend Jay-Z won the whole Grammys when his entire acceptance speech was just making fun of The Dream’s hat because he could not give less of a fuck about the whole thing? See also: Hi, Solange. But we will talk about this later. When Will Smith wakes up from his nap. We would not want to disturb him.) Oh, and if the paparazzi photographer who took this photo of a grown man taking a nap is reading this, congratulations on all of the choices you are making in life. You have seen a vision of success in your head and you are going after that vision with real gusto. It’s inspiring to watch. Now hush. Goodnight.

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  1. The Pursuit of Nap-yness

  2. congratulations on all of the choices you are making in life. You have seen a vision of success in your head and you are going after that vision with real gusto. It’s inspiring to watch. Now hush. Goodnight.

    • This is gorgeous, albeit not realistic as stars can’t sleep and I don’t think the scientists said they wear hats.

    • I am in such awe of your blingee mastery. I made one once, of my college-age brother and his friends surrounded by holiday knickknacks, and I posted it on his Facebook thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever, and no one commented. :( So now here I am, commenting on yours and letting you know that I appreciate it.

    • He’s workin’ that hat!

  3. Ugh, I need a nap you guys. My dalmatian puppy is amazing and sweet and my child’s bff already, but she is so sick! Took her to the vet first thing, with my six year old in tow, and it took three hours. Walked out with a pharmacy and a bunch of fancy food because she has every doggie infection on the books. Here’s a reminder of her face (it’s the best!)

    • She’s going to get better though, right???!?!?

      • They said it’ll be three weeks before she’ll even be well enough to start gaining weight or anything (she is severely malnourished and dehydrated- guess that was an adoption bonus!) It’s the most tragic thing in the world. Anddd, here’s another picture on this thread I’ve hijacked (my thoughts and prayers are with Will Smith and Gabe at this time).

    • Feel better, buddy!

    • Chin up little guy! You have a little girl who will smother you with love now!


      uberstellar, if you’re still in this thread, I got my dog in July and I have taken him to the vet about twenty times? badideajeans urged me to get pet insurance, and I urge you to do the same, especially if your baby is sickly.

      • I bought into this year-long plan thing? Thirty bucks a month for unlimited check ups, tests, etc. I hope your dog’s doing better!

        • I hope your pup gets better!! Did they give you instructions on feeding? When I did foster training last week, they said that when you’re fostering with the intention of fattening them up for adoption, you need to feed them a little all the time. I’m sure the vet told you something similar or significantly more insightful than third-hand knowledge of puppy feeding. I bet she’ll start eating and feeling better by the end of the week, especially once she realizes she’s got a good home.

          • She eats like crazy, it just doesn’t stay in her system longer than a few minutes ifyaknowwhatimean. (I mean so, so much pooping.) The docs gave me cans of, I’m assuming the equivalent of gruel for this week, just to help soothe the tummy long enough for antibiotics to absorb. After that, it’s pretty much a balance of not letting her scarf until she gets sick while fostering a sense of food security so she calms down about it eventually. Thanks for the advice tho, and good on you for fostering!

  4. He will wake up feeling like a refreshed prince.

    • There it is.

    • Now this is the story all about how
      My day got sleepy, I thought I’d lay down
      And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
      I’ll tell you how I fell asleep in a balcony chair

      In west de Janeiro I was hanging with Ye
      With my neighbors is where I spent most of my days
      Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
      And shooting rich people drugs out by the pool
      When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
      Started taking pictures in my neighbourhood
      I tried to go inside but Kim got scared
      And said “You’re keeping watch outside in the balcony chair”

      I called for my waiter and when he came near the
      martini smelled “fresh” and had a ice and Everclear
      If anything I could say that this drink should be sipped slow
      But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes, down you go!

      I called all my masseuses about seven or eight
      And I pulled up my son’s Karate Kid remake
      Looked at my kingdom I sat back in my chair
      To nap on my throne i.e. a balcony chair

    • Aw man I did not see this. I was not trying to steal your thunder, sir. Good one!

      • Hi Lilly Lily. I’m bisquetaker. I don’t get much time to check in with Videogum anymore but I go back and read as much as I can when I get some down time. I’m replying because I noticed yr comments were posted days after the story (hahah) was posted and that you seem very nice and funny, but unfortunately this is the internet and when the next story (lolz) is posted people move on to the next one. Internet people always with the moving on. And I just wanted to say “Hey, I read and appreciated yr comments even though they were posted days after this super important breaking news was reported (And thank heavens for that camera-ready angel who was sent down to Earf to document this important event). Even as I’m typing this I’m fairly certain that you, like almost all other Monsters, will never even read this and I gotta tell you, It is kinda fun. It’s like, If you type comments on the Internet into the abyss, does the abyss type Internet type comments back????? This is what I’m here for… To ask the IMPORTANT questions. Maybe we could even get some kind of Lake House thing going on. That’s the one with the time traveling mailbox, right? With Keanu Reeves in it? Well LillyLlily, Will Smith sleeping could be our time-traveling mailbox. Except prolly not cause almost noone, including you, will read this. And it feels nice.

        • I am seeing this! The internet abyss is not infinite. Thanks for empathizing since I am not a good commenter that reads all comments before letting my dumb ones fall out. I also am a habitual late commenter. I cannot tell if you are being nice or sarcastic (another joy of the internet) but I will assume nice because it’s easier that way. Anyway, it is nice to be addressed personally. See you at the Lake House, Time Unknown, Earf, The Universe…

          • Yessss… I feel so much like keanu reeves right now. I bet a lot of guys wanna be like keanu in the matrix or maybe even speed, but im perfectly happy with lake house keanu. Maybe cause im lazy? And he kinda had to do a bunch of shit in those other movies? But lake house keanu just wrote some shit then let the time traveling mailbox do the heavy lifting. Actually i dont know, i haven’t seen the film but that cant be far off. Anyway, i wasn’t being sarcastic at all, just saying hi. Lake house me!

          • BAM! You’re Lake Housed. I’m replying to my reply because there was no button on yours. I don’t care what anyone says. I love Keanu Reeves so I’d say if you want to be Thumbsucker Reeves or Parenthood Keanu or even Ted, go for it. He seems like a nice, chill person that would be fun to have over and play Cranium.

            I did see Lake House and don’t remember the details but now you’re making me want to see it again. Hi!

          • Hey there! Sorry I haven’t visited the Lake House recently but I’ve been up to my forehead in mundane tasks. However, I agree on yr take of Keanu… Seems like a nice guy. My buddy ran into him out at a bar and said hi and apparently keanu chatted him up for 5 mins or so. Pretty down to Earf according to him, but aren’t there stories like that about almost all famous people? Like I’m pretty sure I’ve heard someone go ” I ran into Mel Gibson at my cousin’s Bah Mitzvah last weekend. Surprisingly, super nice dude”. But I actually believe it about keanu. I sold Jeff Tweedy from Wilco a couple pairs of women’s smartwool socks once at an Outdoors store in Chicago. After seeing the documentary “I am Trying to Break your Heart” I was kinda expecting him to be a little stand- offish or maybe even a bit dickish. But you know what? Surprisingly he’s a super nice dude. We chatted for a good 5 mins or so. Anyway since I haven’t been fortunate enough to have actually seen The Lake House yet I’m gonna try to make time for it this week. I figure if I’m gonna refer to something this much I better know what the eff I’m talking about ya know? It’s a matter of principle at this point. Ill let you know how many times I tear up. Until then, try to get some work done on this place. The gutters are shite :-)

          • You know how on a mailbox you put up the little red flag when there’s mail inside? Well the thumbs up is the red flag. Or to stay color coordinated we should thumbs it down.

            Anyway I will watch The Lake House again so I can catch any specific references you make since it will be fresh in your memory. I have never met a celeb so I cannot speak for any of them being really nice or really terrible. But I did hear from a friend that Shia Labeouf is “a douche” and that Ryan Gosling is actually a really nice guy. It’s not just an internet myth! She’s an L.A. person so I guess she would know.

            Hey I thought the gutters were your job. I’ve been scrubbing these floors and pruning these old dead hedges like crazy!

          • Haha Ive definitely been slacking. I am upset to report that I havent seen Lake House yet. I was in flipping NYC the last week, went there kinda unexpectedly and Ill tell ya, that place will wear you out. Especially when u don’t really know what train to take and/or stop to get off on. NOOOOB, hahaha. But here i am, home and worn out. Hope all is well with you, maam..

          • Hey welcome home! Ooh I hate “fun” trips” that turn out being “worn-out-what-was-that” trips. I recently had a similar experience in D.C. It was so cold (I think my jaw froze at one point) and we walked a lot and my new boots turned out not to be so comfortable. Plus I was there for only the weekend. Not enough time to have Fun. I am very well, thank you. Hope you’re rested now. I have not watched The Lake House yet either. But I just watched Chicken With Plums and it was lovely albeit sad.

  5. Good night, Fresh Prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  6. Smell you later, Fresh Prince.

  7. That’ll teach him to leave his Panic Room… Well done, paparazzi, well done.

  8. *grumblegrumble* “Stupid parents…”

  9. up to I saw the check which said $8917, I didn’t believe that my cousin was like they say truley bringing in money part time on their apple laptop.. there neighbor haz done this for less than six months and as of now cleared the mortgage on there villa and bourt a gorgeous BMW. go to………. BIT40.ℂOℳ

  10. Hancock? My bed and coffee are not within reach. Lemme take a nap at my desk.

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