You see things like this all the time. For example, parents who bring their children to grown up parties, or events, or concerts when they put big headphones on them as if that is fooling anyone into thinking that they are being responsible with the tiny life that they’re in charge of, and the babies freak out and then the parents act like it’s just the craziest and most embarrassing thing that the babies are freaking out. You know? Or, like, if you take a dog to brunch with you and the dog starts barking at the other dogs at brunch and the people around you look at you, like, can you please shut up your dog, and you look at them like you have no idea what’s gotten into your dog. Right? You know yet? There are certain reactions you can predict, is what I’m saying. Like if you write for a web video blog and you see a video of a guy passing out after he jumped out of a plane and he makes a funny face and the other guy is freaking out because, like, what if the first guy died? And it’s scary but also funny? Obviously you’re going to post that video. Obviously the babies are going to cry and the dogs are going to bark. Obviously jumping out of a plane is super scary and this guy is going to pass out while he’s doing it and look so silly and I am going to share it with you.

Hahahaha, ahhhh, poor guy! You shouldn’t be doing this! Stay on the ground! You had to have known this was going to be a bad idea, remember the nonsense I said about babies and dogs next time! (Via ClipNation.)

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  1. I will say the same thing about this guy skydiving as I say about dogs at brunch: Would it seriously kill you to just leave that guy at home for two hours???

  2. The other guy was pretty calm, all things considered. I feel like this must be a pretty common reaction, and way better than getting vomited on which would be the other most common reaction to jumping out of a plane.

  3. Unrelated, but this headline just popped up in my newsfeed: “Banana Kelly Group Takes Over Dilapidated Bronx Buildings.” If I had better (any) Photoshop skills, I would illustrate this for you guys. At least the Banana Kelly Group.

  4. He handled waking up to find yourself freefalling to earth like a champ, though.

  5. A perfectly reasonable reaction to realize a Ryan Lochte-alike is all that’s keeping you from plummeting to earth.

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