Only a couple of days left to find that special perfect someone and celebrate the most important day of the whole entire year. Good luck, everybody. Apparently it happens when you least expect it. Does that help? Is that the most helpful advice? Who loves that advice the most? XOXOX. (Thanks for the tip, Dave.)

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  1. Because I’m gainfully employed, I watch most videos on mute. But since I love coffee, I thought, “Let’s see what this is about.” But when I saw that lady reaching under the covers with the tube I was like, “NO THANK YOU PLEASE STOP!!!”

  2. I guess some people really are made for each other. Great job, people who love coffee enemas together!

    Seriously though, I hope we all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day!

  3. Newly married couple that live above me got into a huge fight on Friday. All I could hear was “what kind of wife makes other plans for their first Valentine’s?” Apparently the guy is really into VD.

    • People who are really REALLY into Valentine’s Day freak me out. Or VD.

    • I have to agree with that guy…why would you assume you’re not hanging out with your husband (or wife!) on Valentine’s day? Unless you always hang out with a group of friends or have some other standing plan for Valentine’s, that’s a weird thing. It’d be like assuming you’re not spending your first Christmas together.

      • Yea, I’m Team Valentine. It’s not like he said, “What kind of wife doesn’t want to dress up/get flowers or go romantic skydiving/Color Me Mining for their first Valentine’s?” The default is that you spend the night together, even if it’s similar to other nights!

      • I don’t disagree with that. However, I saw my friend get berated by her now-husband when we went to Las Vegas for a Galentine’s Weekend for my other friend’s bachelorette party. We had been planning this trip longer than they had been dating and took it as a person affront to their relationship. He’s the kind of person I think about when I think about people who are really into this holiday.

      • I don’t necessarily disagree, it was more his outrage. Like, he was super angry and shouty. And it could have been a simple misunderstanding with making plans for “Thursday” not realizing it was February 14.

        It just felt like a strange thing to go apeshit over. Offended and hurt, yes, but yelling loud enough for your downstairs neighbor to hear, no.

  4. Whoever did the score for this should win an Emmy. The use of extra tuba noises to imply farts and pooping is incredible.

    “Best Score for Reality Programming” – My Strange Addiction – “Coffee Enemas”

  5. “I even do sudoku.” Whoa, girl, you are so crazy!

  6. “Ahhhh”

  7. My blanket advice to anyone who complains of not having any lovers or friends (which I use REGARDLESS of any anxiety issues or anything that person may have) is that if you go out and do the things that you’re interested in, no matter what that is, then you will inevitably find other people who are interested in the same things. That way, you’re not going around pretending like you like drinking coffee when, in fact, you just really like squirting coffee into your butthole, and you’re not setting yourself up for failure by misrepresenting yourself.

  8. This weekend I got drunk with a friend and watched the My Strange Addiction episode where the lady is addicted eating her husband’s ashes. Spoiler alert: she gets hospitalized at the end cause she threatens to kill herself when she’s done eating all of the ashes!

    My friend almost threw up on my floor. Like, not “haha I’m gunna throw up this is gross!” but actual dry heaving. It was pretty great.

  9. This reminds me of the scene in Die Mommie, Die! when Angela Arden laces her husband’s suppository with arsenic.

  10. I don’t care where they get their coffee freak on, as long as it’s not at my local Starbucks.

  11. At my next visit to Starbucks: “I’ll have the Torrent, please.”

  12. So….there were like, three more coffee enema videos under ‘related videos’, so unfortunately I guess this is a “thing”? But also fortunately(?) one of those is this half-intentionally and half-unintentionally hilarious guide for Australians to getting their coffee ‘L.A. Style’ (is this from a TV show???)??

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  14. That’s the most wired toilet, ever.

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