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  1. Saw this this morning and jizzed!

  2. <3 missed you, Zach

  3. I liked it, most of it, but I have to admit as a Hathaway Indifferentialist who doesn’t get all the hate nor all the love thrown at her (that happens, right?), her ‘bit’ in the sketch was pretty insufferable.

    I clicked on another window while she was on because I couldn’t keep watching without feeling some sort of dull rage bubbling from within me.

  4. why does ann hathaway have to ruin everything

  5. All I’ll say if eff the Anne Hathaway hate. It’s all over the place and so seriously tone-deaf and pointless that it just depresses me.

    • There’s a lot of stuff I like of heres! Some of her roles, some of her interview responses when the interview is being a sexist arse, etc, but between this play drunk misstep and her acceptance opening with ‘BLERG’ at the Globes, it’s been hater-bait for reals, when in reality it’s just like, “C’mon, Anne! Rein it in just a little bit and you’d be golden!”

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